Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Product Showcase: Spice Clips

If one of your goals this fall is to get more organized, make sure you watch Spice Clips on HSN.

Spice Clips:

Get cluttered cabinets under control! Take back your work spaces and help increase the speed in which you complete crafts, school projects,  and culinary creations with all of your supplies at your fingertips! These clips allow you to do just that without installing shelves or stacking heavy pins, crowding counter tops with carousels. Categorize your craft paints, show off your scrapbooking supplies, just peel, stick, and organize!

Get The Most Out Of Your Organzier Clips

  • Strips of three allow you to easily align clips in rows, or snip apart with scissors to suit your needs. 
  • Use in the kitchen, workshop, bathroom, garage, basement, locker, bedroom, camper or RV, desk, cupboards, cabinets, ANYWHERE! Strong adhesive holds fast to most hard surfaces! 

Easy Installation!
  1. Make sure surface where clips will be installed is clean and dry. 
  2. Carefully peel paper backing from adhesive strip on the back. 
  3. Press and hold for 30 seconds, applying even pressure with fingertips to insure a strong hold.  
Viatek Spice Clips
Use in your bathroom!

Viatek Spice Clips
Easy installation 

Viatek Spice Clips
Store your favorite spices 

Viatek Spice Clips
Use in your office!


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