Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Expected Release Dates for New Products

Here are a few updates on when we will be receiving new products: 

*Expected Release Date 12/1/2012

The Zmart Remote fits into the jack of your iOS device and takes less than a minute to set up. 

Ever dream of controlling everything in your home with one single remote? Viatek's latest product designed specifically for iOS devices and the iPhone 5, does exactly that. With the Zmart Remote, consumers never have to see a remote control again. This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including CD players, TVs, DVD players, Blu Rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker. 

You can feel confident knowing that your home devices will comply with the Zmart Remote and is covered by a lifetime warranty. The Zmart Remote impressively controls a combination of 200,000 devices and covers 95% of brands in the market with a built-in learn command, making the Zmart Remote the most powerful universal remote. 

Home automation has never been so easy or convenient. Simply install the free App available on the App Store. Once installation is complete, plug the small one inch device into the audio jack of your iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iPod touch, or android device. Watch as the Zmart Remote allows you to control every TV, DVD, Blu Ray, Home Theater, Cable Box, and appliance in your home effortlessly. 

*Expected Release Date 12/01/2012

Control any switch from almost anywhere in the room! The Zmart Switch operates using infrared light, the same as most television remote controls-simply point and press. The remote control allows you to control lights from your bed, armchair, desk, etc. 

*Expected Release Date: 11/01/2012

Delight in the ambiance of candlelight and the fragrances you love without the mess, danger, and expense of traditional candles. Sculpted wax, warm yellow light, and a life-like flickering flame makes this LED candle both beautiful and safe. No more fire hazards, soot, smoke, or waxy messes to clean up. Candle Sensations are safe to use around kids and pets alike. 

*Expected Release Date: 11/01/2012

The Pearl Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes, or expensive office visits, this affordable, portable device is making a big impact.

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