Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How To Stay Cool This Summer in the Office!

Is your work station a little warm? Try the Tabletop Bladeless Fan! 

The Bladeless Table Top Fan can be powered either by battery or USB connection. To use USB power, simply plug the included cord into the side of the fan. You may plug the USB end of the cord into a desktop computer, laptop or any other USB outlet to power the fan. The Bladeless Table top fan also has an adjustable angle back that can be used to direct the breeze.

The cooling sponge can be used to activate the Tabletop Bladeless Fan's Cool Breeze feature. Simply dampen the sponge with water and freeze in a shape that fits in the fan properly. Once the sponge is frozen, place it in the back of the fan. You may also apply fragrance to the cooling sponge to act as an air freshener, but it is recommended that a modest amount of fragrance is used the first time so that you can gage how strong you would like the scent in the future. 

Tabletop Bladeless Fans | Bladeless Fans

The Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan is coming soon! Make sure you check out our website for new products announcements! 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Special: 4 Days Only, 25% Off

Celebrate Memorial Day with exclusive savings all weekend long! 

4 Days Only 


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Total Juicer Pro: Support a Healthier Lifestyle & Fight Disease

There's no denying the supreme health benefits of juicing. Not only will a glass of freshly squeezed juice kick-start your morning, it will improve your overall health and well being. But did you know that juicing can actually prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis? 

The Total Juicer Pro from Viatek Consumer Products Group is a slow juicer that produces more juice and retains up to 60% more vitamins than ordinary juicers. It is designed with an augur mechanism that presses the juice, rather than grating or shredding. Because it operates at a low-speed, vegetables and fresh fruit retain more heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C. A glass of freshly squeezed juice offers an abundance of minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that help remove some of the toxins we are exposed to every day.  

The difference between real fruit juice and the juice found in stores: 

The juice that you purchase at the supermarket is combined with artificial flavors and sweeteners. Real fruit juice, on the other hand is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that keep you healthy and fight disease.  

Some antioxidants found in fruits/veggies: 

A powerful antioxidant widely distributed in plant foods. 

According to, "Lycopene is an antioxidant compound that gives tomatoes and certain other fruits and vegetables their color. It is one of the major carotenoids in the diet of North Americans and Europeans. Furthermore, "lycopene may lower the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, enhance the body's defenses and protect enzymes, DNA, and cellular fats." 

Beta carotene: 
Beta-carotene is a member of the carotenoids. Carotenoids are highly pigmented, fat-soluble compounds found in many vegetables including: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, and green peppers. 

This powerful antioxidant, according to, "has antihistamine, antimicrobial, memory, and even mood enhancing properties." Generally speaking, if you are looking for fruits or vegetables with flavonoids, the more deeply-hued the plants, the more flavonoids it contains. Some examples of flavonoids include: Apples, green tea, and pomegranates. (And red wine for you wine lovers out there.) 

Other benefits of juicing include: 

  • The mind becomes more alert and creative. Nutrients found in fresh fruit juice help the mind revive.
  • Juicing is quick and easy
  • Juicing helps you lose weight faster. 
  • Juicing is economical. 

To learn more about the Total Juicer Pro, please click HERE

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Now Offering: Extended Warranties

Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase We are proud to be a world leader in product design, development and manufacturing of great products. We not only strive for your satisfaction, but your complete enjoyment of your purchase. 

With our extended warranties, we warrant your product against defects in material and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for two years from the date of original retail purchase. During this warranty period, if a defect arises in the product, and you follow the directions for returning the product, we will, at our option, either (i) replace the defective product with a new or refurbished product that is equivalent to the product that is being replaced, or (ii) refund to you the purchase price of the product. All replaced parts and products for which a refund will become our property. 

For specific instructions on how to obtain warranty service for your product, please contact Customer Service at 888.7-VIATEK. You will need original Bill of Sale for product and Extended Warranty. Upon completion, Viatek will pay for return shipping to our corporate office and will also pay shipping of a new product to you. Before you send your product warranty for service, it is your responsibility to back up any data, software, or other materials you have stored or preserved on your device. Such data, software, or other materials will not be be transferred during service, and we will not be responsible for any such damage or loss of material. 

For more information or to purchase your extended warranty,  CLICK HERE

Interested in FREE PRODUCTS? Become a Product Tester!

Free Product
Become a Product Tester for Viatek 

Want to try our products before they are available to consumers? 

Getting Started: 

We are looking for individuals who would be willing to test our products before they are available for purchase. You will be able to test the latest in innovations from Viatek. 

Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care Products, Innovative Gadgets and Electronics, Lawn & Garden and more! 

 If interested, please email to be considered. Product will be sent to you for FREE for you to test and provide us feedback. 

Visit our website now at 

Maintain a Healthy Glow Without Harmful UV Rays!

Say goodbye to tan lines, sunburns,  harmful UV rays and fake dyes that simply wash off. A gorgeous streak-fee tan can be achieved all year round with the IBOD Airbrush Tanning System. Equipped with an Even-Tan Guidance Light, the IBOD Tanning System makes it easier than ever to achieve a natural glow in the comfort of the home. Operated by four 'AA' batteries, the IBOD evenly applies a fine mist that dries quickly and lasts up to 7-10 days. The liquid solution included with the system lasts 3-4 months; about 16 applications. 

Additional Features and Information: 

Even Airbrush Tan LED Guide Light
The Even Airbrush Tan Guide Light makes it easier to get a streak free tan. 

Perfect Distance: Light will shine on skin but is not defined. The perfect distance is 4-5 inches from the skin. With the proper distance you see where the tanning solution is being applied. 

Too Close: Light will make defined ring on skin when you begin to apply solution closer than 4-5 inches from the skin. 

Too far: No light will appear on the skin if you are greater than 4-5 inches from the skin.

IBOD Airbrush Tanning System | Sunless Tanning Machines


Does the tanning liquid smell?
There is no smell after it dries on your skin

Does the tanning solution stain clothing?

How long will the 8 oz. bottle last? 
About 16 applications

How long will the tan last on the skin?
Up to 7-10 days

Where do I get the tanning solution after I used the supplied solution?
You can purchase it from Viatek Products, or you can purchase any liquid tanning solution; our device will work with other companies liquid tanner. 

How long should I wait before taking a shower?
For max results, we recommend you wait 5-6 hours before showering from the DHA to fully absorb.

For more information on the IBOD, please visit our website! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Viatek Pet Products

Your dog keeping you up at night because he won't stop barking? Perhaps the neighbors dog? Viatek has developed a line of products that can help train your dog to stop barking or stop jumping all over furniture. 

Super Bark Stop: 

The Super Bark Stop is barking deterrent system that uses an ultrasonic tone to teach your dog or your neighbors dog to bark incessantly When the Super Bark Stop senses your dog bark, it emits an irritating sound that your dog will hear up to 35 feet away. Your pet will quickly learn that his bark triggers this noise and will stop barking without provocation. 

The Super Bark Stop Features
  • Superior high power speaker; one of the highest in the industry
  • Audible and ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Integrated microphone is sensitive up to 35 feet. Microphone will hear the dogs bark and activate the high powered speaker
  • Built-in audible test button, volume slid switch, sensitivity slide level
  • Battery operated, 4 D batteries required
  • New Feature: control panel cover on side to prevent water leakage into unit
  • New Feature: Activation and power LEDs are on top instead of front
  • New Feature: Speaker is recessed in product
  • New Feature: Product is truly water resistant for outdoor use
  • Additional adjustable bark settings

Silence Bark Stop
The Silence Bark Stop uses the latest ultrasonic and sonic bark stop technology. This bark stop produces a discomforting but not harmful, high frequency sound, audible to dogs. With the Silence Bark Stop you can silence disruptive dog barking up to 50 feet away. 

Silence Bark Stop Features:

  • Multiple settings: high, medium, low
  • Handheld or mountable
  • Targets up to 50 feet away
  • LED status indicator
  • Weather resistant

Portable Bark Stop Trainer

The Portable Bark Stop Trainer is a complete training and personal siren system. This easy to use hand-held unit not only coaches your dog but is equipped with a loud siren to use for personal protection. At the push of a button the Portable Bark Stop transmit a silent ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. Another feature is a personal siren, which sets off a high decibel sound allowing joggers, walkers, mailmen, delivery people, and outdoor enthusiasts a sense of safety. 

For additional help training your dog, the Portable Bark Stop Trainer has an ultrasonic button that helps train your dog to control their barking, jumping on visitors or furniture. 

Portable Bark Stop Features

  • Fits comfortably in palm of your hand
  • Includes a handy built-in flashlight
  • High decibel tone
  • Battery operated
  • comfortable sport design
  • Targets up to 50 feet away
  • Easy operation
  • Weather resistant
For our complete line of Pet Products click HERE 

Barkstop | Bark Deterrent Products

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide

Don't know what to get Dad this Father's Day? Look no further! We have gift suggestions for the "Tech Savvy Dad", and more!

For the "Tech Savvy Dad"

Zmart Remote

Dad ever dream of controlling everything in his home with one single remote? Viatek's latest product designed specifically for iOS and android devices does exactly that! With the Zmart Remote, Dad never has to see a remote control again. This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including: CD Players, TVs, DVD Players, Blu-rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker! 

Dad can feel confident knowing that his home devices will comply with the Zmart Remote and is covered by a lifetime warranty. The Zmart Remote impressively controls a combination of 200,000 devices and covers 95% of brands in the market with a built-in learn command, making the Zmart Remote the most powerful universal remote. 

Home automation has never been so easy or convenient. Simply install the free App available on Google Play or the App store. Once installation is complete, plug the small one inch device into the audio jack of your android or iOS device. Watch as the Zmart Remote allows you to control every TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, Home Theater, cable box, and appliance in your home effortlessly.

Other suggestions: Renu-it Pro Disposable Battery Charger.

Perfect for his car: Mighty Jump Emergency Jump Starter

Mighty Jump is an emergency jump-starter that allows you to jump start a vehicle without leaving the driver's seat. When the Mighty Jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter it transfers power from itself to the car battery using the internal wiring of the vehicle.

Mighty Jump Features:
Small enough to small anywhere
No more confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from another car
Charges car battery when adapter plugged into a standard car cigarette lighter
Takes only ten minutes to charge a car battery enough to start an engine
Multiple uses, rechargeable.

Other suggestions: Mighty Jumper Cables 

For the "Health Conscious Dad" 

Total Juicer Pro
 The Viatek Slow Juicer produces more juice and retains up to 60% more vitamins than ordinary juicers. It is designed with an augur mechanism that presses the juice, rather than grating or shredding the food. Because it operates at a low speed, vegetables and fruit retain more heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C.

Most juice extractors on the market today chop, shred and strain; a method that generates low yield and wastes much of the valuable nutrients in food. The Total Juicer Pro is different, utilizing a masticating and pressing method of extraction, much like that employed by wine makers for thousands of years. Known as a "slow juicer" for its operation at only 80 RPMs and 150 watt power usage, the Viatek Total Juicer Pro actually releases more of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients than conventional juicers that rip and tear through foods at 10,000 RPMs and suck up to 1,500 watts of power. However, names can be deceiving as it actually juices more quickly than high speed models, eliminates oxidation and separation, and expels a dryer pulp for less waste! One look, one taste and the difference is deliciously recognizable.

Additional Features: 

Healthy: Works with any kind of fruit or vegetable

Versatile: Juices fruits, vegetable, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soybeans

Dual Stage: Crushes contents before pressing and ejecting pulp.

No clog design: Built-in rotary brush cleans as it juices and pulp is automatically separated.

Easy to clean: rinse with water before juicing or take it apart easily for effortless cleaning.

For more information on Viatek products please visit:

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Products That Will Keep Your Yard PEST-FREE This Summer

Don't want pests crashing your next family barbeque or get-together? Try these wonderful products from Viatek Conusmer Products Group's Pest Control Line! 


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The Pest Free Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Viatek uses ultrasonic frequency sound waves to create an unpleasant environment for rodents and arthropod pests like fleas, cockroaches, etc. The Pest Free Pest Repeller emits an alternating ultrasonic sound that ranges in higher and lower frequencies. The alternating frequency allows the Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to target different pests. The constantly changing environment will cause pests to leave the area. 

Additional features:

Ultrasonic Technology
Plugs directly into the wall, no cords 
Won't harm your pets
LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of use
No bulbs to replace ever
Uses 7.5 watts of electricity

Learn More...

Pest Free Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


Outdoor Animal Repeller

The Outdoor Animal Repeller works on a variety of pests including raccoons, rodents, armadillos, bats, cats, dogs, and deer. It can also keep farm animals, such as cows from wandering and feeding in areas where they are not wanted. The PIR motion sensor can view up to 110 degrees with a radius of 25-30 feet (7-9 meters). Sound frequency ranges from 21kzh-45khz. 

The Outdoor Animal Repeller is ultrasonic and cannot be heard by humans. Unit operates on 4 AA batteries (not included) and covers a 30 foot radius. 

Great for keeping animals out of: 
Gardens, Trash Cans, Nesting Areas, Flower Beds, Garages, Attics, Cellars, Basements, Storage Sheds, Anywhere pests are defacing property. 

Mosquito Patio Trap

The Mosquito Patio Trap is a Mosquito assassin. This silent but deadly trap lures disease-carrying mosquitoes and sucks them into a chamber of doom! Protect your family from deadly diseases while enjoying the great outdoors! You're going to love how this chemical-free trap keeps your campsite, deck, or patio mosquito free. The state-of-the-art design uses acclaimed UV and carbon dioxide generation to attract pesky mosquitoes. 

Once inside the trap, bugs fall into a deadly collection chamber never to be seen again. Features portable go-anywhere design, easy-to-empty collection chamber and a clean killing system that has no exploding or popping insects. 

Mosquito Patio Trap | Mosquito Traps

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Beauty: Hair Removal Tips for Beautiful Skin

Summer is right around the corner and that means its time to take out the shorts, the swimsuits, and the sundresses! With that being said, have you prepared your legs for exposure? Avoid common hair removal blunders by prepping your skin! 

Hair Removal Tips for Beautiful Skin:

Prepare skin by using a light exfoliate
This will remove any ingrown hairs, dead skin cells, and helps soothe any stubble you may have. 
It is also important to keep skin moisturized. Try using a lotion with shea or cocoa butter for a healthy, flawless glow. 

To avoid getting annoying breakouts or irritating red bumps, try using Aloe Vera after removing hair
 Aloe vera is natural and great for inflammation or pain. It also heals skin tissue. 

Essential oils are also very helpful in body care. Rose, lavender, and sandalwood all have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. 

*The Smoothing Serum, to be used with the Pearl Hair Remover, is made with similar natural ingredients and provides and immediate cooling affect upon hair removal. 

Ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Willowherb, and Calendula extracts. All three herbs have been tested against hydrocortisone and have demonstrated their anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing abilities. 
The Pearl Smoothing Serum also contains Magnolia Bark, which prevents bacteria, ingrown hairs, redness and irritation.

Expert Shaving Tips: 

According to the experts at

Make sure you soften the hair with warm water before you shave and use a moisture-rich shave gel.

It helps to pull the skin taut to create a level surface that is easier to maneuver. You should also shave in the direction that the hair grows to minimize itchy, red bumps.

If you are planning a day at the pool or beach, shave in the evening to avoid irritation from sun, salt, or chlorine.

New Hair Removal Methods to Try:

Pearl Hair Remover
The Pearl Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. The Pearl Hair Remover can be used on face, legs, bikini line and more! Specialized attachments like the Maxi guide, perfect for arms and legs, and the Micro Guide, great for sensitive areas, give it a clear advantage over "one size fits all" treatment methods.

As the Pearl glides across the skin, thermotransmitters radiate heat down into the hair follicle, removing the hair. Continuous slowing of hair growth promotes longer lasting results and does not irritate the skin.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Ways to Ward off Mosquitoes

After reading an article on Yahoo Health, we discovered that one of the best ways to ward off annoying insects is to use a mosquito trap! But before we get to that, let me highlight five other ways to keep mosquitoes away this summer according to Joe Conlon, the technical adviser to the Mosquito Control Association. 

1. Time it right
Avoid being outdoors during dawn and dusk. 

2. Use a fan
If you are outside on your porch bring a fan with you! Believe it or not, mosquitoes are weak fliers. 

3. Use Bug Lights
Yellow bug light do not attract mosquitoes like incandescent lights according to Conlon. 

4. Dress in loose fitting, light colored clothing
If you are wearing dark colors, mosquitoes are more likely to bite you. 

5. Although it is frowned upon, use deet
Conlon recommends Cutter Advanced 

6. Use a mosquito trap
These devices will trap and kill measurable numbers of mosquitoes. 

We recommend trying the Viatek Mosquito Patio Trap! This silent but deadly trap lures disease carrying mosquitoes and sucks them into a chamber of doom. You're going to love how this chemical free trap keeps your campsite, deck, or patio mosquito free! 

The state of the art design uses acclaimed UV and carbon dioxide generation technologies to attract annoying mosquitoes. 

Once inside the trap they fall into a deadly collection chamber never to be seen again. Features portable go-anywhere design, easy-to-empty collection chamber and a clean killing system that doesn't pop or explode insects! 

For more information on the Mosquito Patio Trap visit our website!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Inventor's Corner: Lo-tek Remote Light Switch

Inventors tend to develop products that help solve a problem. With that being said, we couldn't help but love the simple ingenuity executed by this particular inventor who hated to get out of bed to shut off the lights. In fact, the idea first came to him when he was 8 years old! While his reasoning, was quite humorous and nostalgic, he achieved his goal of solving this all too common problem with the help of a few household products. 

To see his invention on, click HERE

(By the way, it totally reminds us of the Zmart Switch!) 

"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas." 
-Dr. Linus Pauling 

Are you an entrepreneur or an inventor who thinks you created the next big idea? Do you have a product that solves an everyday problem or have an idea that the world needs to see and hear? 

Viatek can help take your idea to the next level using our extensive team of experts in product development, marketing, and distribution to turn your innovative idea into a reality. 

If you would like to submit your idea for new innovative products, please follow the link below! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend How-To: Floral Hanging Baskets

Summer is finally around the corner!

If you are anything like me, you have been diligently working in the yard, tending to your garden, or mowing. But have you thought about enhancing the decor of your porch or outside living areas with floral baskets?

If you haven't, you should! Arranging your own floral or herbal basket can instantly brighten the areas you spend most of your time outdoors.

Get some extra time this weekend? Follow this quick how-to guide!

How to Prepare Your Floral Hanging Baskets:

Step One: Select a Basket

When choosing a basket its important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Size: what is the size of the plant you want to plant?

2. What kind of material? Some examples of baskets include: stout wire, solid plastic, ceramic, or plastic mesh.

These hanging baskets accommodate flowers, herbs, greenery and more.  They are equipped with removable side panels, which make them easy to use! Simply remove lattice work side gates and pop in your plants. 

Other Characteristics:
1. Great for planting established flowers, herbs, greenery, and more. 
2. Provides an immediate full, lush look
3. Accommodates approx/ 17 plants up to 4" H. 
4. 12 side openings w/lattice work-gate secure plants in place. 
5. Gates pop out easily for inserting plants
6. 1" built-in reservoir for optimal water retention 
7. Comes with hook and chain for easy hanging. 

Step Two: Line the Basket

Lining the basket helps keep soil in place and reduces the need for watering. 

Some common liners include: 
Sphagnum moss & polythene linings 

*These can be purchased at Lowes (HERE)

Step Three:  Choose Your Soil
Choose a soil of good quality. Your flowers will stay fuller and brighter longer. 

Step Four: Select Your Flowers

It is important to choose appropriate flowers to arrange in your hanging basket. 

Viatek Tip: The best plants to use are plants that are either flowering or close to flowering

1. Arrange large plants first and tuck smaller plants around the larger plants. 

Ideal Plants:

Geraniums, Verbena, Fuschias, Begonias, Pansies (To name a few)

Step Five: Hang in a sturdy area that will support the weight of basket (soil & water)

Step Six: Place in area of good position where it can get adequate sunlight

Step Seven: make sure you water your plants! 

Happy Mother's Day From Viatek Consumer Products Group

Celebrate Mother's Day with this exclusive offer only at 

20% Off This Weekend Only!
To redeem savings use coupon code: "MOTHERSDAY"

Gardening Tips to Implement This Weekend!

As the snow starts to melt in New England, I know one thing for certain; my mother's favorite season is finally here. The moment she is able to start gardening, a light, that was not present within her during the winter months, shines though. She seeks solace in planting perennials, fresh herbs and vegetables despite being covered in dirt and mosquito bites. Although I don't understand why she enjoys the activity so much, I know that many people share her similar passion for gardening and/or landscaping.

As I was browsing Pinterest, particularly HGTV's profile page, I discovered some simple gardening tips that not only my mother would love, but you guys would love as well! 

Tip #1: Water your Garden!

Generally speaking, water is the single most important nutrient that your garden needs to thrive. But a question that many people run into is: How often should I water my garden? According to eHow, how often you water your garden depends on the soil type (clay, sand, or loam mix), what kind of plants you have, and the amount of rainfall you receive. Use this in conjunction with the dryness of the top 1/2 to 2 inches of soil, to determine when you should water. (Source: eHow)

As a general rule, flowering plants need about 1 inch of water a week (which includes the amount of rain you are receiving as well. 

Need a new water hose and nozzle for the summer? We recommend trying one of Viatek's newest products that comes in a convenient 2 pack: Adjustable Fireman Style Super Nozzles. Modeled after the hoses that professional firefighters use, these nozzles deliver anything from a fine mist to a powerful stream. Ideal for watering bushes in your garden as well as flower beds. 

Tip #2: Rid your fingernails of dirt BEFORE you head outdoors. 

I discovered this tip on and was floored! To prevent accumulating dirt under your fingernails while you work in the garden, simply run your fingernails across a bar of soap. This action will effectively seal the undersides of your nails so dirt can't collect beneath them. 

Tip #3: It's all about the details....

A few little embellishments in your garden can go a long way. 

According to to HGTV, a decorative water feature provides a strong visual accent as well as a pleasing sound. 

Vertically mounted flower pots create more space for gardening and add a unique flare to your outdoor living space. 

Create your very own herb garden in a mason jar! This again, adds a unique flair to your garden and outdoor living space. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last Day at the National Hardware Show

Today is the last day at the National Hardware Show! Make sure you come by Viatek's Booth and check out all the latest products! Products include: 

Zmart Switch & Zmart Remote:

Home automation has never been so easy or convenient with the installment of the innovative Zmart line. The Zmart Switch, an instant 2-way wireless switch allows consumers to control any switch from virtually anywhere in the room. The Zmart Switch operates using infra-red technology; a technology that is utilized in most television remotes. To control the switch, simply point and press! 

In conjunction with the Zmart Switch is Viatek's newest App and product for iOS and android devices; the Zmart Remote. With the Zmart Remote, consumers never have to see a remote control again. This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including: CD Players, TVs, DVD Players, Blu-Rays, Stereo Equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker.

Hurricane Spin Mops:
The Hurricane Spin Mop cleans floors in, under, around, and through your home without the use of harsh detergents. It reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners, and around cabinets with no problem. 

Interactive Plush Pals:
Interactive Plush Pals are the must have mobile accessory. Hilarious fun for adults and children, you will never tire of Patch, Manny, or Freddy. Watch as they sing and dance along to your favorite songs!

Breezie Bladeless Fans:
Stay cool with Breezie Bladeless Fans! Take them to your favorite sporting event, to the beach, the park, and even to the office! Sleek and stylish, Breezie Bladeless Fans feature the latest in bladeless fan technology delivering a cool, smooth stream of air without the unpleasant buffeting sound associated with fan blades. 

For more information please visit 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interactive Plush Pals at the National Hardware Show

Don't miss our exciting new product launch at the National Hardware Show!

Introducing Interactive Plush Pals:

Interactive Plush Pals are the must have mobile phone/MP3 accessory. Hilarious fun for adults and children, you will never tire of Patch, Manny, or Freddy! Plug them into any phone using the headphone jack. Put the phone on speaker and watch as your Interactive Plush Pal speaks in time with the other person on the other end of the phone. Also works as a MP3 speaker, they sing and dance along to the music! Uses 3 AA batteries. (Not included)

Want to see Interactive Plush Pals in action? Watch them on YouTube HERE

Or you can visit our Interactive Plush Pals site HERE!

Photo & Updates From the National Hardware Show 2013

Day one is officially over at the National Hardware Show! 

As one of the prime time places for face-to-face sourcing and trading of $343 billion dollar US home improvement and DIY markets, the National Hardware Show welcomes nearly 27,000 industry professionals each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

This year, Viatek Consumer Products packed their bags with the intention of fostering many new business relationships and friendship. Products to be introduced include the innovative Tabletop Bladeless Fan which can be powered by a USB connection, and several new models of the Spin Mop. 

For more information on any of the products shown below, please visit

Viatek's Booth #4310

Our newest & latest Spin Mops 

Zmart Switch, Breezie Bladeless Fans, and Interactive Plush Pals 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Viatek to Unveil New Table Top Bladeless Fan at National Hardware Show

Don't miss the Tabletop Bladeless Fan at the National Hardware Show at Booth # 4310 

Tabletop Bladeless Fans | Bladeless Fans
We are pleased to announce that our first production is ready for our new Breezie Tabletop Fans. 

Stay cool this summer with the innovative fan that can be powered either by battery or USB connection. Perfect for home or office, the Breezie Tabletop Fan is a must-have this summer! 

Additional Features:
  • Cooling sponge can be used to activate the Tabletop Bladeless Fan's Cool Breeze Feature
  • You may also apply fragrance to the cooling sponge to act as an air freshener. 
More from Breezie:

Take the Personal Bladeless Fan to your favorite sporting event, to the beach, to the park, and even to the office. Sleek and stylish, it features the latest in Bladeless Fan technology, delivering a cool, smooth stream of air without the unpleasant buffeting sound associated with fan blades. 

For more information, please visit

Monday, May 6, 2013

What Mom Really Wants this Mother's Day!
Instead of ordering Mom flowers this Mother's Day, try one of these innovative gifts as compiled by! (Including the Pearl Hair Remover from Viatek Consumer Products Group)

See what they had to say:
"Another great solution at an affordable price point is the Pearl Hair Remover, which also addresses the escalating demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. By utilizing revolutionary thermostransmitter technology to remove unwanted hair from the body, the Pearl Hair Remover eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes and expensive office visits. Professional quality results can be achieved on all hair types and skin color in the comfort and privacy of home. The Pearl Hair Remover can be used on face, legs, bikini line and more by utilizing technology that radiates heat down into the hair follicle, slowing down the growth of hair. Unlike waxing that tears off the first layer of the epidermis, the Pearl gently glides across skin without irritating, leaving Mom's skin silky smooth. 

To check out the review, click HERE

For more information on the Pearl Hair Remover, click HERE

Friday, May 3, 2013

Reviews on the Pearl Hair Remover!

If you are like most women, I am sure you are a little weary of hair removal products. After all, women have had their fair share of horror stories when it comes to either shaving or waxing. Between nicks, cuts, and painful hot wax, it's no wonder women complain about removing unwanted hair from their bodies! Thankfully, there is a solution! 

The Pearl Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal from the comfort of home! 

But are you still curious about what others have to say? Here are a few reviews from some brave women who decided to give it a shot:

The Dirty t Shirt:
Jennifer, creator of the Dirty t Shirt, was happy to share her thoughts on the Pearl Hair Remover. "Shaving is so time consuming and needs to be repeated on a fairly regular basis. I have found a product that not only makes it painless and easy but keeps the unwanted hair away for a longer period of time." To read more, check out her blog HERE.

Beauty Unbiased:
Heather, editor of Beauty Unbiased, was one of those "skeptical" women who was weary of trying the Pearl Hair Remover. In fact she titled her review "Prove it! The Pearl Hair Remover Review". She starts off her review by saying: "When it comes to at home hair removal, I usually just say no. Maybe I'm lazy. Or maybe I've had some bad experiences in my adolescences when I randomly decided to shave my arms one afternoon and haven't gain my own trust back yet. Would the Pearl take me a step closer to trusting at home hair removal treatments?" Read her response HERE

Mom and More:
Yet another skeptical woman. But Cher decided to give the Pearl Hair  Remover a shot. "Hair is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it on my head but I hate it anywhere else! It is amazing too how as I get older my body hair gets worse and worse. It pops up in strange places, changes texture and basically becomes stubborn. I feel like the same shaving I have done for years just isn't working as good as it used too. Since shaving wasn't cutting it (haha) anymore, I have been looking for something new to try. Then I heard about the Pearl Hair Remover by Viatek and I figured it was worth a shot." Read more about her experience AND Before/After pictures HERE

Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller:
"Beauty is pain-but you can end that vigorous process today! is giving you our top hair removal product picks to ease your pain while you gain your beauty." Check out their gallery and why they named the Pearl Hair Remover the "Best Hair Removal Product to Slow Hair Growth" HERE

Beauty Realty:
For a complete review on the Pearl Hair Remover from Viatek, please check out Contents of article include: Product Overview, Duration of Treatment, Parts of the body that can be treated, and much, much more!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Come Visit Viatek at Booth #4310 at the National Hardware Show

Viatek is once again pleased to announce its presence at the National Hardware Show early next week. As one of the top events for the housewares market, Viatek is excited to launch several new items. 

Dates: May 7-9

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center
Central Hall 
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Booth #4310

Please join us as we launch our latest products! Interested in more information? 

Please contact: 

Or visit our website:

Our Top Picks For Mother's Day: For the "Outdoorsy" Mom!

Don't forget about Mom this Mother's Day! 
Check out our Top Picks for Mom this Mother's Day:

For the Mom who loves to Garden:

Did you know, that according to Nick Federoff, host of "Nick Federoff on Gardening" based in Los Angeles,"Gardens are going compact. Consumers are buying products that allow them to plant flowers or vegetables in any space, whether its on the balcony of an urban apartment or on a kitchen wall"  He goes on to say that " People are becoming more creative with gardening because of limited space. It's just kind of fun." 
Whether Mom is living in a small space, or a much larger area, the Ultimate Hanging Flower basket from Viatek Consumer Products Group is a wonderful addition to her collection. 

Source: What to Expect at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

Hanging Flower Basket: 2 pack
Growing beautiful plants is easier than ever before with the Ultimate Hanging Flower Basket! Get "360 degrees of gorgeous" with this design that allows you to plant out the sides of the basket. Remove the lattice work gates to plant your established (up to 4" tall) flowers, herbs, greenery, and more, then simply snap them back to secure the plant in place. No more waiting for your hanging baskets to get that full, lush look! Save time and money by creating your own custom arrangements at home in baskets that can be planted season after season for years to come. Comes complete with hook and chain for easy hanging and a 1" built-in water reservoir for optimal water retention.

Additional Features: 

  • 10" Flower Basket
  • 12 Side Openings
  • Holds up to 17 Plants
  • Includes Hook and Chain 
  • 1" Water Reservoir

For more information on the Hanging Flower Baskets please click HERE

Viatek Solar Butterfly:
The Flutterby Solar Butterfly goes all day under the sun!

  • Solar Powered, no batteries needed
  • Realistic fluttering butterfly effect
  • Works anywhere there is direct sunlight
  • Quick and easy, install in seconds
  • Adds a fun visual to any garden or yard. 
Choose from a Blue or Orange butterfly!


For More Information on Viatek Solar Butterflies, please click HERE


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