Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Renu-it Deluxe Battery Charger

Product Features

Get more out of your alkaline batteries with the patented Renu-it Disposable Battery Regenerator. This fantastic device not only regenerates dead alkaline batteries, it recharges several common rechargeable batteries as well, helping you save money and reduce waste. You can even charge or regenerate mixed battery types and sizes at the same time. 

Patented Renu-it Disposable Battery Regenerator Additional Features:

Works with 5 different battery chemistries: Regenerates or recharges alkaline, NiMH or NiCd batteries

Designed with 4 charging docks- charges/regenerates AA, AAA, C, D, or 9-volt batteries

The Renu-it Deluxe Battery Charger offers a unique battery protection feature; the charger protects against overcharge, overheat, short-circuit and polarity reversal issues. 

Advanced processor control for plug and go operation. 

LED Indicator turns off when charging/regenerating process is complete. 

Get more out of batteries you would otherwise throw away; saves money and helps reduce waste. 

Plugs into a household outlet. 

Comes with a manufacturers 1-year limited warranty. 

Customer Reviews:

"I have been saving expired alkaline batteries for awhile just in case I found a way to recharge them. Well this thing works. I have been recharging AAA, AA, C, and D alkaline batteries with no problem. I charged 35 batteries so far. Of those 25 recharged with no problem. About 10 were either bad and could not be recharged or just would not take a charge. In either case this charger told me right away."

"A must have, we charge the XBOX, TV remote batteries with no problem."

"When I first told my husband about what I had bought he was very pessimistic. Once he saw it work and charge all those batteries we have been throwing away he was amazed. I use the electric no touch soap dispensers that run through soap like crazy. Not any more. This amazing machine should be in everyone's home. I can't tell you how much money we have spent on the rechargeable batteries. This machine has saved us a lot of money. Christmas gifts for family members this year for sure


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