Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Viatek Pedi Spa on Marie Osmand Show

Viatek PediSpa on Marie

In case you missed it, the Viatek PediSpa Electronic Pedicure Personal Pedicure Kit was featured on the Extreme Beauty segment with Stacy Cox earlier today on the Marie Osmand Show!

In this particular segment, Stacy showcased one of the more extreme ways to achieve smoother, softer feet: by having a fish pedicure! Since this treatment is a little extreme for the majority of us, she offered the Viatek PediSpa as a solution.

The PediSpa Home Pedicure System gives you a professional at-home pedicure. It is designed with a battery powered stainless steel rotary blade that gently and easily removes callused skin from your feet, leaving your feet looking and feeling softer than ever. The PediSpa can be used safely on toes, heels, sides and balls of the feet.

For more information on the PediSpa please visit: 



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