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Frequently Asked Questions: Pearl Hair Remover

Got a question about your Pearl Hair Remover? See if we can answer it for you!

1. Why does it smell so strongly?
At first, treatment may produce a burning smell and you may also see smoke. No need to call the fire department, this means that the Pearl is working, crystallizing the hair as it makes contact. Over time, this will decrease as the amount of hair decreases. 

2. How long should it take to use my Pearl?
For beginners, legs may take 30-45 minutes and less time as you master the technique. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

3. Why is stubble still present after use? 
The ideal length of hair to treat is 1-3mm (1mm is about the same thickness as a penny). You need to trim or let hair grow before using. ALWAYS buff the treated area after use and moisturize! These steps are essential to successful results. 

4. What is thermogenic technology that the Pearl Hair Remover uses?
It is a micro heat wave sent down the hair, all the way to the root. This weakens the hair follicle, slowing down the growth. 

5. Where can I get replacement tips for the Pearl Hair Remover?
With long-term/repeated use, the wire element inside a tip will wear out and break. This is normal and to be expected. Do not attempt to repair or reuse a tip that is broken or damaged in any way. Remove it immediately and discard. Replace your Pearl tip with a new one any time this occurs.

For more information on the Pearl Hair Remover please visit:

Pearl Hair Remover | Pearl Hair Remover Reviews

30 Easy Cleaning Tips Part Two: Sweeping Solutions

According to Women's Day Magazine, "cleaning should always be done top to bottom. That way any crumbs or dust that fall to the floor while you're working get picked up last. And believe it or not, there's a right way to sweep.

14. Pick the Right Broom: Sounds simple enough. When sweeping indoors, choose a broom that has finer bristles since you are more than likely sweeping up patches of smaller dirt particles. For outdoor jobs, go for strong, stiff bristles. 

15. Get Swept Away: Believe it or not, there is a right way to hold a broom. Imagine for a moment you are canoeing. Hold the broom like a canoe paddle, with one hand placed on top of the handle and the other towards the middle. Andrea suggests,"sweep from the outside in so that you don't miss any spots, and move the dirt into the center of the room, where it will be easier to pick up."

16. Super Storage: While it's your first inclination, avoid placing broom back into the closet with the bristles on the floor. Store broom with the handle down.

17. Banish Dust Bunnies: It's all about design when it comes to choosing an effective dustpan. Go for the dustpan that has a rubber edge so you banish those annoying lines of dirt that often get left behind.

You can also trap dirt with your Clean Spin 360 Spin Mop and accessory attachments. We recommend the Microfiber Dusting Mop Replacement Head.  Need help cleaning hard-to-reach areas? This Dusting Mop Replacement Head lets you easily dust walls, high corners, ceilings, and around baseboards. Simply attach to your Spin Mop, and you're ready to go!

Duster | Clean Spin 360 Mop Accessories

Bedroom Secrets:

18. Start with the Bed: While your bedroom may not be completely clean, a bed that is made, makes it look that way! Instead of throwing your covers off to the side in a "am-I-late-panic", gently roll covers off you, and you are half-way there! As you head to the shower, finish the job.

19. Address Your Drawers: It is probably one of the worst parts of doing laundry; putting your clean clothes away. While it might not be your favorite thing to do, it ensures that your home stays tidy. Get rid of any clothes that you haven't worn, or better yet, donate them to Goodwill.

20. Keep Just the Essentials: No need for clutter in your bedroom. One of the cleaning experts at Women's Day Magazine suggests: "Have a pamper basket next to your bed with a book, some moisturizer, your knitting or something else you like to do in bed. Then keep your clock, a lamp and a box of tissues on your nightstand. That's it. "

Conquer Laundry:

21. Stave off Static: "Since fabric softener and dryer sheets can strip towels of their absorbency, add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle or throw two (new, clean) tennis balls into your dryer to get rid of static electricity, soften fabrics and eliminate the need for dryer sheets."

22. Switch on the Cold: Save money and the environment by washing your clothing in cold water.


23. Time It: Do you know that many chores take about only ten minutes? Change your state of mind and cleaning can go by quickly.

24. Multitask: Probably my preferred method of cleaning! Why not fold laundry while watching television? Or talk on the phone while picking up general messes around the house such as stray magazines, books, shoes, etc.?

25. Know the Hot Spots: You know that pile of miscellaneous "stuff" on your dining room table, kitchen table, or kitchen counters? Attack those piles before they become impossible to sort through.

26. Go Corner to Corner: There is an art to vacuuming. "Begin in the furthest corner and work toward the door using slow, repetitive, front-to-back motions in an overlapping sequence."

27. Velcro Away Clutter: Get rid of stray wires and cords from gaming controls! Velcro them to the console!

28. Make a Lost-and-Found: Stray game pieces? Puzzle pieces? Screws? Buttons? Make a box for these items!

29. Do Quick Rescues: Got 5 minutes? Scan each room for things that are out of place or do a quick sweep to ensure that the room is clean and presentable.

30. Stop Clutter at the Front Door: Why not "mount a plastic or cloth shoe rack inside your front entry closet door, and use it to stash all kinds of living room and family room miscellany- toys, hats, gloves, magazines."

30 Quick, Easy, Cleaning Tips

30 Easy Cleaning Tips Part One: Kitchen & Bathroom

For many, a happy home is a clean home. But who wants to spend countless hours cleaning? With the help of Women's Day and some of the best cleaning experts around, we deliver some of the most effective cleaning tips that will leave your home sparkling in no time flat.


Circle Around: Since the stove is one of the dirtiest parts of the kitchen, Andrea Atkins, of Women's Day suggests starting on the right side of the stove then moving clockwise around the room. By doing so, you eliminate spreading dirt and grease throughout your kitchen.

Sanitize the Sink: Whether you would like to admit or not, your kitchen sink actually harbors more bacteria than your toilet seat. To disinfect your sink, try using a EPA registered disinfectant. If you do not have one, try this simple method outlined by Andrea:
1. First, clean your sink with soap and water.
2. Spray with a mist of vinegar followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide.*
*Do not mix the two, spray one after the other.

Have a stainless steel sink? Try applying a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and buffing the entire sink. This prevents water buildup, mold, and keeps your sink looking fabulous.

3. Do Dishwasher Duty:  Andrea suggests that at least once a week, clean your dishwashing machine with a damp sponge and baking soda. This eliminates any stuck on food or stains lingering within your washer. During flu-season, it might be beneficial to add a quarter cup of bleach to regular dish cycle to kill bacteria.

4. Love Your Oven: Treat your oven with a little extra care by lining the bottom with a nonstick oven liner. These dishwasher safe lifesavers can be used over and over again.

5. Disinfect the Disposal: You know those awful odors that come from your kitchen disposal? Zap odors with this simple concoction:  pieces of cut up lemons, some salt, and a few ice cubes. "The lemon deodorizes, and the ice and salt clean away residue."

6.Crumble Paper Towels...Forever (& save the environment): This we have to admit, is music to our ears, "Use microfiber cloths instead." Why? Microfiber clothes are reusable, trap dirt and moisture and leave a clean, dry polished surface. Not only are they safe for all surfaces, they are environmentally beneficial since they require little to no water and reduce waste. We suggest MicroKLeN Microfiber Towels.

7. Clean as you go: You know that dreaded pile of dishes sitting on the stove or in the sink after you finish a meal? Try filling the sink with warm soapy water before you start dinner. That way you can have pots and pans soaking before food starts to really stick, which makes cleaning a hassle.

8. Zap the Sponge: Your sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfect yours by squeezing it out and microwaving it on high for a minute. And please, when it starts to smell, just throw it away!

Bathroom Boosters:

9. Make Doors Shine: Twice a month, try rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on a glass shower door. This causes water to bead up and roll off.

10. Get a Cleaner Liner: Mold and mildew starting to appear on your shower liner? This simple tip will scrub away mold: throw liner in washer with a few towels.

11. Tame the Toilet: Not just a childhood favorite, drop a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix in the bowl. "The citric acid acts like a scrubber, and is nontoxic, in case the dog takes a sip."

12. Corral Strays: Once a week, pour boiling water down your drain. This will eliminate clogs. Excess hair on bathroom floors? Use a damp piece of toilet paper to quickly wipe them up.

13. Use  Bedtime as Clean Time: If you have kids this is a solid piece of advice. "While the kids are washing up at night, wipe down the tub, toilet and mirrors, and toss out clutter.When they're finished, quickly wipe down the sink and floor. We suggest using the Clean Spin 360 Mop: Compact Spin Mop.

The Clean Spin 360 Compact Spin Mop cleans floors in, under, around, and through your house without harsh detergents. It reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners, and around cabinets with no problem. Thousands of microfiber mop strands attract dirt, grime, and liquids without drips or leaks. Floors are clean and dry in half the time.

Clean Spin 360 | Spin Mop Cleaning Systems

30 Quick, Easy Cleaning Tips

Effective Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

While it may be first instinct, getting your BB gun to shoot pests away from your garden is not the best approach. According to Kathy LaLiberte, a writer for, these are some of the most effective ways to keep pests out of your garden this summer:

1. Identify the Creature*
Once you identify the creature, try to learn a little about the creature and the habitat of the animal. Kathy writes that "this knowledge is essential for putting together an effective solution." Please reference the chart below. 

2. Try to make your garden less appealing by:

  • Eliminating hiding or nesting areas. Animals are attracted to brush piles and tall grass. 
  • Seal off access to crawl spaces beneath your porch or deck 
  • Minimize food sources. For example, raccoons are less likely to avoid your compost pile if you keep it covered. Furthermore, cleaning up excess birdseed will keep squirrels away. 
3. Use one of the following control methods:

A. Repellents:
According to Kathy, "visual and auditory scare devices can be used to repel animals. These include ultrasonic repellers, motion-activated water sprayers, noise makers, and visual scare devices such as reflective tape and faux predators."

We suggest: The Outdoor Animal Repeller
The Outdoor Animal Repeller works on a variety of pests including raccoons, rodents, armadillos, bats, cats, dogs, and deer. It can also keep farm animals, such as cows, from wandering and feeding in areas where they are not wanted. The Outdoor Animal Repeller is ultrasonic and cannot be heard by humans. Great for keeping animals out of: gardens, trash cans, nesting areas, flower beds, garages, attics, cellars, basements, storage sheds, and anywhere pests are defacing property. 

B. Pets
Believe it or not, pets can deter certain pests from your garden. For example, cats are great at catching voles and gophers, while dogs can be good at scaring away small pests that may be lurking in your garden. 

C. Live Traps
While this works as an effective method to trap pests in your garden, some may not have the heart to trap a live animal or better yet, know what to do with the animal after it's caught. Kathy advises in her article that some states prohibit the relocation of wildlife. 

D. Fences 
Regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent, putting up a fence is an effective, long-term solution. For bigger pests such as woodchucks, deer, or rabbits, electric fencing is best, but can be time consuming and costly.

Cute, but can wreck havoc on your garden. 

Common Animal Pests: (*Click on pest to learn what to do when they approach your garden)

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Is a Juice Cleanse Right For You?

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker regarding juice cleanses. She had asked me if I had seen "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." I hadn't, but I was immediately intrigued. She described a man on a journey to transform his health by juicing.  Upon a bit of research I discovered that at 310 lbs, Joe Cross was at the end of his rope. 100 lbs. overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe decided to turn to his only option left, the body's ability to heal itself.

 So how did he do it?

Joe made a vow to nix junk food and replace his meals with fresh juice for 60 days. While it may sound extreme, what emerges, according to his website, "is nothing short of amazing". Joe successfully lost the weight by juicing fruits and vegetables and was able to get off prescription drugs. Even more amazing than the weight loss? Joe proudly proclaims on his blog "I am free of my autoimmune disease. I live a happy and balanced life at a healthy weight and could never imagine returning to my old ways again." 

Joe continues, a simple "reboot" is all you need. "During a reboot, you'll commit to consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for a period of time. 3 days, 5 days, 15 days, 30 days? It's your choice. The goal is to help you break a cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle and simply enhance the quality of your diet by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables." 

 A Reboot program, followed by a healthy lifestyle helps you:
  • Boost the number of fruit and vegetables you consumer daily
  • Break the cycle of unhealthy eating and crave healthy foods
  • Jump start a weight loss plan
  • Manage a healthy weight
  • Lower the risk of life threatening diseases
  • Promote longevity
  • Decrease aches in pains in joints and muscles
  • Boost your immune system
  • Release stored toxins
  • Increase energy levels
  • Promote beautiful & healthy skin, nails and hair
  • Ease digestion by accessing digestive enzymes locked away in whole produce.

Sounds wonderful, but can everyone handle a juice cleanse?

According to Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian with a master's degree in both nutrition and science, detoxes and cleanses aren't right for everyone and they can even backfire. "The key to reaping the rewards is finding what works, and doesn't work for you." 

Her top Do's and Don'ts of Juice Cleanses:

1. Don't do it to be trendy:
While many can be successful on a juice cleanse, Cynthia writes that some of her clients experienced intense cravings or obsessive thoughts about food when they learned they had to restrict their diet. This of course, made her clients more prone to binge eating. She continues, "Some people rave about how amazing they feel physically and emotionally during a cleanse, but I've seen others struggle with moodiness, irritability, depression, fatigue, constipation, constant thoughts of food, and rebound overeating." 

Bottom line: "If your body, mind, or both don't react well to limiting your diet, even for three, five, or seven days, don't put yourself through it."

2.  Do Choose a Detox or Cleanse That's Right for You
According to Cynthia, there's no standard definition of a cleanse or detox. "While super strict regimes are incredibly popular, most of my clients feel much more energized and satiated when they include lean protein, and/or raw veggies and fruits they can chew, rather than juices that are gone in a few gulps. It's perfectly "OK to 'cherry pick' from various plans to create a program that feels right for you." (Source)

Marisa Moore, R.D., and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics agrees. "You can eat clean and reset your body and still get the same (if not better) results."

Image Credit: You Beauty: Juicing Dos & Don'ts to Note

3. Don't Pull a Double Whammy and Work Out Too
Trying to exercise on a limited eating plan may have negative side effects including fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Why? A cleanse typically doesn't provide the extra fuel needed for exercise. A cleanse serves as a mean to end unhealthy eating, reboot, and reset your metabolism. Cynthia writes that this is much easier to do when you give your body a break from exercise. 

4. Don't Use a Detox or Cleanse as a Way to Purge
Since cleanses and detoxes have become trendy, Cynthia says that she has "seen numerous people get stuck in a trap of bouncing back and forth between a cleanse or detox and bouts of overindulging." Emotionally, "using cleanses and detoxes this way can become a lot like other methods of purging, including over-exercise, or taking laxatives or diuretics-it can feel like something that you don't want to do, and know isn't healthy, but you feel like you have to do, in order to undo the effects of overeating. 

Simply stated? Like any new diet regimen, you should consult your doctor and discuss your dietary needs. What works for some, may not work for you! Juicing, if done properly, can be extremely beneficial for your health. 

Source (s):

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Summer Clearance: SHOP NOW

1. Color Changing Sprinkler 
Was: $19.99, Now: $9.99

The Viatek Color Changing Sprinkler uses 30% less water than other sprinklers. Water running through the sprinkler creates hydraulic power, activating the lights that shine through the misty spray, creating a brilliant, colorful nighttime fountain that sprays 6.5 feet in the air. 

Additional Features:
  • No wires or batteries to worry about
  • Save water and money
  • Fits any standard garden hose
  • Mist drizzles softly and gently, won't damage delicate plants
  • Hydraulic power turns on the light that changes through a spectrum of colors.
Color Changing Sprinkler | Garden Sprinklers

2. Solar Butterfly 
Was: 39.99, Now: $9.99

These beautiful butterflies go all day under the sun! 

Additional Features:

  • Solar powered, no batteries needed
  • Realistic fluttering butterfly effect
  • Works anywhere there is direct sunlight
  • Quick & easy, install in seconds
  • Adds a fun visual to any garden or yard. 

Solar Butterfly | Solar Gardening

3. Mighty Blaster
Was: $39.99, Now: $9.99

This aptly named water gun blasts through dirt and grime with only soap and water for ammo. Don't let the name fool you though! Its nine versatile settings are gentle enough for watering plants and tough enough to tackle dirt on your walkway.

The Mighty Blaster is suitable for a variety of jobs at different pressure level:
  • Blast grime from driveways, walkways, or siding
  • Gentle enough to water lawns, plants, flowers
  • Use to wash/detail vehicle. 

For more information, please visit:

Save 20% on Back to School Electronics

Save 20% on all Back to School Electronics from Viatek Consumer Products Group with Coupon Code: 

Zmart Remote
Perfect App for Busy Lifestyles

With the Zmart Remote, you never have to see a remote control again! This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including CD Players, TVs, DVD Players, Blu-rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker. 

Zmart Remote | Universal Remotes

Renu-it Pro Battery Regenerator 
Save money & reduce waste

Get more out of your batteries with the patented Renu-it Pro Battery Regenerator. This fantastic device not only regenerates dead alkaline batteries, it recharges several common rechargeable batteries as well, helping you save money and reduce waste. 

Renu-it Pro Battery Charger | Battery Chargers

Zmart Switch 
Home automation at your fingertips 

Control any switch from almost anywhere in the room! The Zmart Switch operates using infrared light, the same as most television remote controls-simply point and press! The remote control allows you to control lights from your bed, armchair, desk, etc. 

Zmart Switch | Wall Switches

Use Coupon Code: "BACK2SCHOOL" for 20% off! 

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Perfect Summer Legs with the Pearl Hair Remover

The Pearl Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. By utilizing revolutionary technology to remove unwanted hair from the body, the Pearl Hair Remover truly eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes, and expensive office visits. Professional quality results can be achieved on all hair types and skin color in the comfort of the home at a fraction of the price.

The Pearl Hair Remover can be used on face, legs, bikini line and more. Specialized attachments like the Maxi Guide, perfect for arms and legs, and the Micro Guide, great for sensitive areas, give it a clear advantage over "one size fits all" treatment methods. What's more, a lightweight portable design and rechargeable battery makes it ideal for travel.

As the Pearl glides across the skin, thermotransmitters radiate heat down in the hair follicle, removing the hair. Continuous slowing of hair growth promotes longer lasting results and does not irritate the skin. Unlike waxing that tears off the first layer of the epidermis, the Pearl gently glides across skin and removes hair painlessly and effortlessly. Using the built-in bi-directional optical sensor, the Pearl removes hair in two directions instead of one.

For smoother, healthier looking skin, we recommend applying the Pearl Smoothing Serum or a gentle moisturizer after each treatment.

Consumers called for a truly safe, easy and pain-free way to deal with unwanted hair in the privacy and comfort of their own home. The Pearl Hair Remover does exactly that and costs a fraction of the price charged in salons and clinics.

Pearl Features:

  • No need for harsh chemicals
  • No need for expensive office visits
  • Great for all skin types
  • Can be used on face, legs, bikini line, arms, and anywhere else. 
Pearl Hair Remover | Pearl Hair Remover Reviews

Coming Soon: Jet Fryer, Slimming Gourmet


 Are you someone who enjoys the indulgent flavor of fried foods but hates the amount of added fat and calories they contain? The Jet Fryer from Viatek Consumer Products Group allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your favorite foods including chicken, french fries, and onion rings, without the added fat associated with oil. 

Jet Fryer is not just a fryer. It's a new cooking system based on hot-air circulation technology. With this system, food can be cooked with very little added oil, which means you can eat healthy every day without giving up all the food's natural flavor. 

Jet Fryer makes crispy, delicious French fries and fried appetizers the healthy way. It provides a healthy new alternative to the traditional way of frying with a lot of oil. Crispy, golden French Fries prepared in the Jet Fryer are a tasty and healthy dish for children and adults. 

You can also prepare other delicious foods in the Jet Fryer, such as chicken nuggets, breaded fish and meatballs. It's very versatile. You'll be able to prepare countless meat, fish, vegetable, and dessert recipes. 

And if you really want to show off your cooking skills, use the Jet Fryer to prepare tasty tapas, appetizers, and even desserts. With the Jet Fryer, you'll turn a delicious meal into a healthy feast. 

Discover a new way cooking, no fat, no butter, and almost no oil
Eat better and lose weight, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Convection 360 air flow for even cooking with no turning
Transparent cover lets you see how the food is cooked
Built-in timer for easy and convenient meals.

Jet Fryer Approximate Cooking Times: 
Meat: 20/30 Minutes
Fish: 20/30 Minutes
Chicken Legs: 25/35 minutes
French Fries: 25/30 minutes 


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Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen: BACK IN STOCK!

Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen | Teeth Whitening Systems

Never before has the professional treatment been available for use in your home! Just like the technology used at your dentist, our teeth whitening gel will give you whiter, brighter teeth in less and time and with less effort. Can also be used with the Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Kit. 

To provide you with superior results, our fully licensed product line is one of the industry's strongest and most effective teeth whitening formulas. The main active ingredient is 35% Carbamide Peroxide which is similar to the amount used in dentist offices. This concentration is 40% stronger than over the counter whiteners!

Hollywood Smiles Teeth Whitening Pen Features
Gets teeth up to 4 shades whiter in less than an hour 
Fraction of dentist whitening cost
No uncomfortable trays or strips, leave solution on for two minutes

Includes: .34 fl oz. bottle of whitening gel. 


1 for $9.95
2 for $17.95- Save .98 each pen
3 for $17.75- Save $1.63 each pen
4 for $29.95- Save $2.46 each pen
Buy 5 or more- Save $2.75 each pen

*Discount taken in shopping cart. 

To order, please click HERE

New Updates for Your Zmart Remote

Zmart Remote | Universal Remotes
New Updates for your Zmart Remote App:

Attention Apple Users: 

Apple users can upgrade to PRO for FREE and share on up to 4 devices. 


Ever dream of controlling everything in your home with one single remote? Viatek's latest product designed specifically for iOS and android devices does exactly that. With the Zmart Remote, consumers never have to see a remote control again. This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including CD Players, TVs, DVD Players, Blu-rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker. 

Consumers can feel confident knowing that their home devices will comply with the Zmart Remote and is covered by a lifetime warranty. The Zmart Remote impressively controls a combination of 200,000 devices and covers 95% of brands in the market with a built-in learn command, making the Zmart Remote the most powerful universal remote. 

Home automation has never been so easy or convenient. Simply install the free App available on Google Play or the App Store. Once installation is complete, plug the small one inch device into the audio jack of your iOS or android device. Watch as the Zmart Remote allows you to control every TV, DVD, Blu-ray, home theater, cable box, and appliance in your home effortlessly. 

For more information please visit: 

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Coming Soon: Viatek to Unveil New Audio and Web Conferencing Service: Start Meeting

Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 2013- Viatek Consumer Products Group is please to announce the launch of StartMeeting, a combined desktop sharing and integrated audio conferencing service that includes a suite of professional tools to enhance business communications. With StartMeeting's integrated audio conferencing features, each account includes a toll-free dial-in number that is accessible via fixed, mobile, and hi-definition (HD) VoIP telephones. This unique feature may be utilized with or without the online screen sharing option.

StartMeeting is also designed with an industry first: a Customizable Meeting Wall. The Meeting Wall allows a host to customize a personal lobby page to use his or her online meetings. With this page, the host is able to upload pictures, documents, and links to share via an integrated cloud storage component. In addition, hosts may update each meeting with a title and description, invite participants, provide a schedule for future meetings, control calls in progress, and manage recordings following a meeting.

Lastly, StartMeeting supports message retention by utilizing the integrated screen feature. This allows the host to share the entire desktop or selected applications with their meeting participants. What's more, screen sharing allows a host to switch presenters, view a list of participants, chat with his/her audience, and highlight content with a variety of drawing tools.

StartMeeting is available on a month-to-month basis. Say goodbye to long-term expensive contracts and hello to the innovative and affordable sharing capabilities of StartMeeting.


Viatek Consumer Products Group specializes in being industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of innovative products. Our cross-functional team possesses unparalleled talent from product design and engineering to manufacturing and marketing. We strive to bring the total innovation solution catalogers and retailers require.

Viatek Consumer Products Group and affiliate companies have been developing products since 1992. All Viatek products are available online at and select retailers worldwide.

Personal Care: Hair Loss Products

The Viatek HairPro Laser Hair Brush-Laser Hair Treatment has Laser & Light Technology. This lightweight handheld device has the same technology used in hair salons worldwide to help assist in revitalizing thicker, richer, looking hair. Dual technology using Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT) and LED stimulating therapy (LEDT) provide the much needed light energy required for healthy hair. The treatment is cost effective, safe for the home, and more convenient than going to a hair specialist.

Two series of 36 LED stimulators help to penetrate the scalp with light to stimulate and massage the scalp. The Laser Light is reflected across the entire length of the device to give a consistent beam for greater effectiveness. We recommend using our brush three times a week, 10-15 minutes per use, with most users seeing results in 8-16 weeks with noticeable results in 6 months.

Viatek HairPro Laser Hair Brush-Laser Hair Treatment Features:

  • 36 LED stimulators massage and stimulate the scalp with light emitting diodes. 
  • Light Reflecting Laser Beam transmits across the device for consistent laser light energy at 660nm. 
  • Battery operated by 2 AAA batteries, no recharging required. 
  • Unit is cordless for easy and convenient treatment
  • Push On/Push Off Illuminated Operations Buttons
  • Output 5mW/Wavelength 660nM/ Class IIIA
HairPro Laser Hair Brush | Hair Loss Remedies

For more information on the Viatek HairPro Laser Hair Brush- Laser Hair Treatment please visit our website

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My Life Juicer: What Makes Juicing So Powerful

Over the last couple days, I have highlighted the benefits of juicing as part of a well, balanced diet, but what does it all mean? Why are vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts so powerful, and why are they beneficial ingredients in your juicing recipes? For starters, cells in the body require nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to function optimally. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with these essential vitamins and minerals! A glass of freshly pressed juice contains fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The Life Juicer, as we describe on our website, releases more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients than conventional juicers that rip and tear through foods at 10,000 RPMs. Most juice extractors on the market today chop, shred and strain; a method that wastes the the valuable nutrients in food due to overheating and brute force. With the Life Juicer, you can juice a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables without worrying about losing nutritional value. 

What is in your juice? 

Fiber is the indigestible portion of plants. Diets high in fiber are associated with lower risks of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Especially beneficial for women, diets rich in fiber (up to 30 grams a day) can reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

Examples of fiber-rich fruits (perfect for juicing) include:
Fruits: Prunes, Pears, Mangoes, Apples, Raspberries, Raw blackberries, raw strawberries

Phytonutrients are a family of chemicals found only in plants that often give that vibrant color to vegetables. These plant-based chemicals reduce the risk of cancer, prevent diseases and keep your body working properly. 

Examples of important phytonutrients include
  1. Carotenoids: These powerful antioxidants tackle free radicals that damage tissues throughout the body. More than 600 carotenoids provide yellow, orange, and red colors in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Veggies loaded with carotenoids ideal for juicing include: carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and kale. 
  2. Ellagic Acids: This cancer fighting phytonutrient is found in a number of berries and other plants food. Throw in a few handfuls of strawberries or raspberries in your next juicing recipe and you will help your liver neutralize cancer-causing chemicals in your system. 
  3. Flavonoids: According to WebMD, a large number of phytonutrients fall into the flavonoid category.  Examples of flavonoids include: apples, berries, grapes, citrus fruits, and onions. 
Antioxidants keep the immune system strong and can be found in a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. With so many different antioxidant-packed fruits and vegetables to chose from, you can easily create juice recipes that will keep you coming back for more. 

Here is a list of veggies and fruits loaded with antioxidants: beets, broccoli, carrots, kale, mangoes, peaces, spinach, tomatoes, kiwi, oranges, apples, red grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and nectarines. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 
Your juicer is not only for fruits and veggies! You can add nuts and soybeans to your recipes! Did you know that flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds, and soy are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and provide many nutritional benefits. 


New Products on the Website: Clean Spin 360- Compact Press Handle & Bucket BONUS Free Mobile Dolly

The new smaller compact design of the Clean Spin 360 makes clean up jobs a simple task!
Perfect for small apartments or dorm rooms! 

The Clean Spin 360 Compact Spin Mop cleans floors in, under, around, and through your home without harsh detergents. It reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners, and around cabinets with no problem. Thousands of microfiber mop strands attract dirt, grime, and liquids without drips or leaks. Floors are clean and dry in half the time with the Clean Spin 360 Compact Spin Mop

For the Spin Handle Mops, simply pump the handle to spin the mop dry. First, dip mop head into the hot water in bucket (cleaning products optional). Then place spin mop into the spin basket and press down and release the handle to spin mop dry at over 300 rotations per minute. The Clean Spin 360 Compact Spin Mop works as an effective dry mop too! Ultra-absorbent Spin Mop fibers attract dust, pet hair, and dirt on floors and baseboards. The microfiber mop head is washable & reusable. 

Model#: YDMM-55 

*BONUS: Get a free mobile dolly with purchase!

Available Colors: 
Transparent Blue, Transparent Green, Transparent Purple, Transparent Pink 

For more information or to order today click HERE

Clean Spin 360 Spin Mop | Spin Mops

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tips on How to Stay Cool in a Summer Heat Wave

According to recent reports, 22 states in the United States have heat advisories and/or excessive heat warnings. Although cooler temperatures are expected to bring relief soon, the National Weather Service says that "most of the mid-Atlantic remains under a Heat Advisory as the heat wave is expected to last until at least Friday. The heat index could reach 100 degrees on Thursday."

So how do you stay cool in excessive heat? 

Watch you diet:

For starters, Madelyn Fernstrom, TODAY's Diet and Nutrition editor, "keeping hydrated is key." While drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated there are many other ways you can do so as well. She suggests eating foods with high water content such as: large green salads with lots of veggies and fresh fruit such as watermelon. For a quick pick me up snack, she suggests eating frozen fruits such as pineapple or grapes. Avoid eating meals that are spicy, which will only warm you up and meals that are high in fat.

Cool Down your Core Temperature:

Senior Editor of Men's Health Magazine, Clint Carter suggest taking ice cub-sized hand coolers and apply them to pulse points (behind your elbow, back of your neck, or knees. This helps cool down your core temperature.

Tired of hot, sleepless nights? 
Who doesn't love the cool side of the pillow? Try putting your bed sheets or pillow in the refrigerator for a half hour if you don't have air conditioning.

Avoid Exercising Outdoors
Or if you have to, workout in the morning or evening hours.

If you know you are going to be outdoors, bring a personal fan
Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD, and medical author on, says that "some people swear by small, portable, battery-powered fans."

If you are in the market for a portable, personal fan, we suggest our newest line of Breezie Fans. Stay cool with the Viatek Breezie Handheld Bladeless Fan. Take it to your favorite sporting event, to the beach, the park, and even to the office. Sleek and stylish, it features the latest in bladeless fan technology, delivering a cool, smooth stream of air without the unpleasant buffeting sound associated with fan blades. Completely cordless, it runs on just 3 AA batteries and only uses half the energy of a conventional fan.

In a building or home without air conditioning? Try the Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan. The Breezie Bladeless Tabletop can be powered by either battery or USB connection. To use USB power, simply plug the included cord into the side of the fan. With an adjustable angle back, you can direct the Breezie fan in any direction.

The Breezie Tabletop fan also has a "Cool Breeze Feature". Simply dampen the sponge with water and freeze in a shape that fits the fan properly. Once the sponge is frozen, place it in the back of the fan.

Visit a cooling center
If you do not have an air conditioner, several cities are settting up cooling centers where you can go and cool off. You can also try going to the mall, or other areas where you know there is air conditioning.

How are you staying cool in this heat wave? 

Image Credit

Today Health

Deadly Heat Wave Sweeps Nation 

15 Ways To Keep Cool When it's Hot

5 Healthy Juicing Recipes: My Life Juicer

As I was scanning Pinterest, I came across a few healthy juicing recipes that are not only perfect for our new Life Juicer, but our Total Juice Pro, which is now on clearance!

WAS: 199.99 NOW: 149.99

The Viatek Slow Juicer produces more juice and retains up to 60% more vitamins than ordinary juicers. It is designed with an auger mechanism the presses the juice rather than grating or shredding the food. Because it operates at a low speed, vegetables and fruit retain more heat-sensitive vitamins like vitamin C. 

The Total Juicer Pro Features:

  • Healthy: Works with any kind of fruit or vegetable
  • Versatile: juices fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheat grass, nuts and soybeans
  • Dual Stage: Crushes contents before pressing and ejecting pulp. 
  • No-Clog Design: Built-in rotary brush cleans as it juices and pulp is automatically separated
  • Easy to Clean: Rinse with water between juicing or take it apart easily for effortless cleaning. 


For Vibrant Skin:
12 carrots
Handful of kale
2 cups of cranberry
2 golden apples

Recipe #1:
1/2 cucumber
1 apple
1/2 lemon
1 stalk celery
2 handfuls of spinach 

Recipe #2:
1 handful baby carrots
2 apples
2 handfuls of spinach

Recipe #3
1 cup pineapple
1 stalk celery
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
2 handfuls of spinach

Recipe #4
1 handful strawberries 
1 handful blueberries
1 apple

For more information on the new Life Juicer, please visit

Or to order the Total Juicer Pro, click HERE


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Juicing: How Healthy Is It?

As part of a balanced diet, juicing can be pose incredible health benefits. For starters, 95% of vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing not only strengthens the immune system, but facilitates weight loss, increases energy levels, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Many people who incorporate juicing into their diet also report healthier, more radiant skin. 

But where do you start? How do you know which Juicer is best for you? 

To maintain optimal health benefits, it is wise to choose a juicer that retains the valuable nutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables. Many juice extractors on the market today chop, shred, and strain; a method that generates low yield and wastes much of the valuable nutrients found in food. The Life Juicer, from Viatek utilizes a masticating and pressing method of extraction, much like that employed by wine makers for thousands of years. 

Known as a "slow juicer", the Life Juicer operates at only 80 RPMs and actually releases more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and photonutrients than conventional juicers that rip and tear through foods at 10,000 RPMs and suck up to 1,500 watts of power. However, names can be deceiving as it actually juices more quickly than high-speed models, eliminates oxidation and separation and expels a dryer pulp for less waste! 

What can you juice?
  • Fruit  (berries, bananas, oranges, lemons, apples, pears, mangoes) 
  • Vegetables (Carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli)
  • Soybeans
  • Wheatgrass
  • Leafy greens such as spinach and kale 
*Don't be afraid to garnish! According to Darya Rose, a food and health writer, and creator of, "A small amount of  a strong flavored item such as ginger, lemon, or mint, can make your juice a real pleasure to drink while adding highly concentrated antioxidants. 

*Balance juice out with protein (almond milk, Greek yogurt, flax seed, or peanut butter) 

Juicing Tips For an Optimal Juicing Experience
  1. According to, Go fresh, go organic. If you can, choose fresh organic vegetables and fruits for your vegetable juicing recipes. Fresh means more nutritional value and tastier juices, and organic means healthier drinks as these weren't sprayed with chemical pesticides. 
  2. Leave the skins on your vegetables. Most of the nutritional value found in vegetables is in the skins. 
  3. Vary your ingredients. Don't be afraid to get creative with a variety of vegetables and leafy greens. Add a fruit such as a pear to add a bit of sweetness to the concoction. 
  4. Drink your juice on an empty stomach. The best time to drink juice is on an empty stomach or an hour before a meal. This maximizes the amount of nutrients absorbed into the body. 

For more information on the Life Juicer from Viatek Consumer Products Group, please visit: 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gardening Essentials

Firemen's Hose Nozzles are modeled after hoses used by professional firefighters and can deliver everything from a fine mist to a powerful stream. With numerous settings, you'll be able to simply twist the nozzle to adjust and use it to power clean household siding, dirty vehicles or driveways. Twist the nozzle again to water garden bushes or mist flower beds! It's rugged design provides long lasting durability, and the ergonomic shape allows you to use it longer without fatigue. 

Additional Features:
  • Fits standard 5/8" hoses
  • Five spray settings
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Reinforced nylon and soft rubber

Keep pests away from newly planted flowers with the Outdoor Animal Repeller

Keep pests away from newly planted flowers! The Outdoor Animal Repeller works on a variety of pests, including raccoons, rodents, armadillos, bats, cats, dogs, and deer. It can also keep farm animals, such as cows, from wandering and feeding in areas where they are not wanted. The PIR motion sensor can view up to 110 degrees with a radius of 25-30 feet.  

The Outdoor Animal Repeller is great for keeping animals out of gardens, trash cans, nesting areas, flower beds, garages, attics, cellars, basements, storage shed, and anywhere else pests are defacing property. 

Color Changing Sprinkler

The Viatek Color Changing Sprinkler uses 30% less water than other sprinklers. Water running through the sprinkler creates hydraulic power, activating the lights that shine through the misty spray, creating a brilliant, colorful nighttime fountain that sprays 6.5 feet in the air. 

Color Changing Sprinkler Features:
  • No wires or batteries to worry about
  • Save water and money
  • Fits any standard garden hose
  • Mist drizzles softly and gently, won't damage delicate plants. 
  • Hydraulic power turns on the light that changes through a spectrum of colors. 
Color Changing Sprinkler

For even more great outdoor products, check out 

Viatek Launches Life Juicer the Healthy, Versatile Slow Juicer

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Summer 2013- Viatek Consumer Products Group is pleased to announce the launch of Life Juicer, an innovative slow juicer that produces more juice and retains up to 60% more vitamins than ordinary juicers. Most juice extractors on the market today chop, shred, and strain, a method that generates low yield and wastes much of the valuable nutrients in food. The Life Juicer is different, utilizing a masticating and pressing method of extraction, much like that employed by wine makers for thousands of years.

The Life Juicer is built using 80 RPM Cold Press Technology. Consumers simply place fruits and vegetables into the hopper and watch as the spiral auger pulls them in. The Life Juicer crushes, presses, and extracts up to 10 times the deep seeded nutrients and enzymes found in fruit and vegetables. As the auger gets tighter and tighter it squeezes every last drop of vital nutrient loaded liquid out, resulting in richer colored, better tasting juice that retains more vital minerals and vitamins. 

Ordinary juicers use brute force to extract juices from fruits and vegetables resulting in a mess to clean up. Known as the "slow juicer" for its operation at only 80 RPMs and 150 watt power usage, the Viatek Life Juicer actually releases more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and photonutrients than conventional juicers that rip and tear through foods at 10,000 RPMs and suck up to 1,500 watts of power. However, names can be deceiving as it actually juices more quickly than high speed models, eliminates oxidation and separation and expels a dryer pulp for less waste. 

Healthier living has never been so easy or convenient! Juice a variety of ingredients including nuts, soybeans, wheat grass, fruits, and vegetables. Featuring a variety of recipes, the Life Juicer from Viatek Consumer Products Group is sure to appeal to not only the health conscious and savvy, but those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Life Juicer | Juicers

For more information on the Slow Juicer, please click HERE

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Best Way to Clean Up After that Summer Party

Let's face it, life can get rather messy. (Especially if you have kids or four-legged family members). 

If you think about it, there are plenty of things that require heavy-duty cleaning materials. But instead of wasting money on paper towel that simply rip and tear, try replacing your paper towels with eco-friendly microKLen towels that can be washed and re-used! Not only will you save money, you will be joining the worldwide effort to reduce waste. Nearly 3,000 tons of paper towels are dumped into landfills everyday. 

MicroKLeN Towels 
  • Are strong enough to tackle tough messes yet gentle enough to polish precious metals and gemstones. 
  • Ultra-soft, wrinkle and stain-resistant, and super strong. 
  • Cleans both smooth and textures surfaces with ease, indoors and out. 
  • Trimmed dyed-to-match edging to resist fraying and loss of shape with repeated use. 
  • Made from a blend of polyester and nylon; microfibers trap dust and dirt in angular star-shaped grooves. 
  • Colors include: sea-foam teal, deep pink, sunshine yellow, brilliant green, and rosy magenta. 
Microklen Microfiber Cloths | Cleaning Cloths

Get them HERE

Friday, July 12, 2013

Two More Accessories for Your Spin Mop Deluxe Replacement Mop Available Exclusively on HSN

Available exclusively on 

Spin Mop Deluxe Replacement Brush Head
Make the most out of your trusty Spin Mop! Use this scrub brush with your mop to help with those hard-to-clean and high traffic areas in your home. 

*Now available in YELLOW

Additional Features:
  • Great for cleaning tough spots on your floors that need a little scrubbing 
  • Helps with hard to clean areas
  • Clean those heavy traffic areas with ease
  • Works on grout and tile
  • Easily attached and rotates

Use this brightly colored microfiber dusting head with your mop to dust cobwebs, dirt, pet hair and more in those hard to reach areas in your home. 

To Use with Your Spin Mop: Spin Mop Deluxe Micro Soap Multipurpose Detergent

Available exclusively on 

Make the most out of your trusty Spin Mop! Use these individual detergent packets with your mop to clean and shine surfaces around your home.

Additional Features:

  • Single-use powder soap packets for your Spin Mop (sold separately)
  • Just add to warm water, and you are ready to go! 
  • Use on tile, linoleum, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces, 
  • Helps clean and shine many types of surfaces around your home

Micro Soap | Detergent for Spin Mops

Find them HERE

Today's Special on HSN: Spin Mop Deluxe System With Extender Handle

Tired of dealing with unwieldy mops and dirty water? Take this innovative cleaning system for a spin. The Spin Mop's clever design means you bend less, wring never and finish fast. And the extended handle easily reaches muck lurking under the bed. Say farewell to mopping misery and hello to a better cleaning solution. 

What you get: 
  • Spin Mop with extend-and-reach pole and microfiber mop head
  • Spin Mop 2-gallon bucket
  • User Guide
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty on mop and bucket; 30 day on mop head

Blue     Green   Orange   Purple   Winter White

Introductory Price: $29.95


Extend-and-reach Pole:
  • Provides more than a foot (12 1/2) extra to clean under the bed and other furniture. 
Foot-pedal activation:
  • Quickly spins excess water from mop head
  • Eliminates need to touch dirty mop water
Unique bucket design:
  • Fast-spinning wringer pulls excess water from mop head
  • Deep-channel design traps dirt at bottom so water stays clean longer. 
Absorbent microfiber mop head:
  • Branded strands make mop highly absorbent and easy to use. 
  • Helps floors dry quickly
  • Makes quick work of everyday mop jobs
  • Machine washable and reusable. 
Customize dampness level based on use:
  • Spin out more or less water from the mop, according to the job
  • Use less water for dusting or to clean up spills, or more water for mopping 
Adjustable handle angle:
  • Moves from 45 to 180 degrees
  • Find the most comfortable mop position easily
  • Great for cleaning under low items, on ceiling fans, in cars and more. 


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