Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Fire Prevention Week

Practice Candle Safety for National Fire Prevention Week with Viatek Candle Sensations! 

Did you know that on average, a candle fire in the home is reported to a US fire department every thirty minutes? Furthermore, did you know that more than half of all candle fires start when things that can burn get too close to the candle? Practicing candle safety, especially with flameless candles can keep your family and your home safe!

Benefits of Flameless Candles:

  • Look very similar to the real thing. Many flameless candles flicker and move like a real candle. 
  • They are convenient! They can be used over and over again
  • No flame, no mess, no smoke = no danger. 
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Last longer; LEDs provide hours of use. 
  • Some flameless candles allow you to change scents as often as you like. 
Who do they benefit?
  • Flameless candles benefit families with small children. Flameless candles reduce the risk of burns or fires if candles happen to be knocked over during play. 
  • Flameless candles benefit the elderly. For elderly people with health problems that use oxygen, or that are highly sensitive to smoke, real candles can be detrimental to their well being. Flameless candles on the other hand, don't release smoke and are safe to use around an oxygen tank.
  • Flameless candles benefit families or individuals with pets. (Especially those with puppies). With flameless candles you don't have to worry about wagging tails knocking over the candles, or even worse, getting burnt. 
Candle Sensations


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