Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

With the help of Better Homes & Garden, and an article written by Kelly Roberson, we are going to highlight some of  the best tips to help you create stunning floral hanging baskets for your garden or your porch this summer! 

But first, you need to pick out a set of flower baskets!

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Hanging Flower Baskets | Floral Hanging Baskets

1. Pick Drought-Resistant Plants
Are you a low maintenance type guy or gal? "Create virtually no-care container with succulents." According to Kelly and Better Homes & Garden: "We've found the biggest challenge of growing beautiful hanging baskets is keeping them from drying out." To make sure your baskets require less maintenance, try planting drought-tolerant hens and chicks, echeveria, sedum, or other succulents. Although they are somewhat of an unusual choice,Kelly writes that they require next to no watering, even in hot, sunny situations. 

2. Create a Contrast:
Even though they are old fashioned, Kelly writes, "Geraniums are still the top pick for hot, sunny spots and they mix well with just about everything." 

3. Make a Statement with BOLD Colors
Want to impress the neighbors across the street? Pick colors that can catch the eye a block away. Try combinations of yellows, pinks, reds, and purples. 

4. Use Soft Textures:
According to BHG, "Plants with small foliage and flowers create a fine texture that adds a touch of subtlety to your landscape. Try effective combinations like Swan River Daisies, Asparagus Fern, and Bacopa.

5. Choose a Classic: 
You don't have to always go bold when it comes to planting flowers. "If plant choices feel overwhelming, choose a classic such as shade-loving impatiens and fill a hanging basket with their delicate-looking blooms all summer long." 

6. Pick Plants with Bright Foliage 
"Purple leaves are all the rage these days, but they don't work out well in the shade because their dark color tends to fade away. Happily, golden and chartreuse foliage are also red-hot among gardeners and they are an excellent choice for adding and color and excitement to a shady spot." 

7. Try a Patriotic Theme
Why not celebrate Independence Day with a patriotic hanging basket! 

BHG Tip: Try a combination of the following
1. Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Purple'
2. Verbena 'Aztec Cherry Red'
3. Snapdragon 'Antirrhinum Bells White'

8. Select Soft Colors:
If bold, traffic stopping colors aren't for you, put together a basket of full of elegance with soft, pastel colors. Kelly suggest planting soft shades of pink, lavender, and blue, which are especially useful for helping hot, exposed spots seem a bit cooler. 

9. Pick an Unusual Pant:
While geraniums and petunias are a classic favorite, don't be afraid to take a chance with a new plant to create baskets your friends will ohh-and-ahh over. But make sure you do your research before growing a new plant so you can be sure it's appropriate for your spot. 

10. Create Elegance:
With their gorgeous shape and graceful hanging blooms, it's no wonder fuchsias are favorites for cool, shady spots. They're unmatched for their elegance. Fuchsias offer a great bonus, too: Hummingbirds love them! 


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