Monday, June 17, 2013

Look Your Best This Wedding Season with Shape Changers Detox Body Wrap

It's wedding season and whether you are the bride, one of the bridesmaids, or even a guest, it is important to look your best! With the Shape Changers Detox Body Wrap, you can experience immediate inch loss in problem areas such as the buttocks, thighs, stomach, chest, arms, and neck!

The Shape Changers Detox Body Wrap was developed in European Spas. It is an all-natural guaranteed way to achieve inch reduction, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin, and leave you feeling totally rejuvenated with a smoother and silkier skin texture. The detox wrap draws out the toxins held between and around our fat cells, leaving space around the fat cells. The way you are wrapped and contoured by the bandages repositions the fat cells in their original places, resulting in good, lasting inch loss. Celebrities often use methods like the Detox body wraps to get fit for movies.

Additional Benefits of the Detox Body Wrap:
  • Detox Body Wrap promotes immediate long term inch loss
  • Detox Body Wrap targets problem areas including buttocks, thighs, stomach, chest, arms, and neck. 
  • Detox Body Wraps is great for men and women 
  • Detox Body Wrap can reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite and stretch marks. 
  • Detox Body Wrap tones and tightens loose skin. 
  • Detox Body Wrap decreases the visible signs of aging around the neck and under the arms. 
The Detox Body Wrap Inch Reduction System includes: 
  • 8 Original Detox Wrap Clay Sachets
  • Instructional Leaflet
  • 2 Detox Bandages 
  • 1 DVD 
For more information on Shape Changers Detox Body Wraps please visit our website!


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