Thursday, June 13, 2013

Personal Care Product Feature: HairPro Laser Hair Brush

The Viatek HairPro Laser Hair Brush has Laser & Light Technology. This lightweight handheld device has the same technology used in hair salons worldwide to help assist in revitalizing thicker, richer, looking hair. Dual technology using Low Level Technology (LLLT) and LED stimulating therapy (LEDT) provide the much needed light energy required for healthy hair. The treatment is cost effective, safe for home, and more convenient than going to a hair specialist.

Two series of 36 LED stimulators help to penetrate the scalp with light to stimulate and massage the scalp. The Laser Light is reflected across the entire length of the device to give a consistent beam for greater effectiveness. We recommend using our brush three times a week 10-15 minutes per use, with most users seeing results in 8-16 weeks with noticeable results in 6 months. 

Please note these results are from independent testing performed on numerous individuals to support the results of the Laser Hair Pro Laser Hair Treatment. Results were analyzed by leading doctors at a major International University. Results are independent and may vary by individual. Viatek is so confident that you will be satisfied with the HairPro Laser Hair Treatment that we offer users a 6 month money back guarantee when purchased directly from Viatek. 

Additional Features of the Viatek HairPro Laser Hair Brush
  • 36 LED stimulators massage and stimulate the scalp with light emitting diodes. 
  • Light Reflecting Laser Beam transmits across the device for consistent laser light energy at 660nm. 
  • Battery operated by 2 AAA batteries, no recharging required. Cordless for easy and convenient treatment. 
  • Push On/Push Off- Illuminated Operations Buttons
  • Output 5mW/Wavelength 660nM, Class IIIA
HairPro Laser Hair Brush | Hair Loss Remedies

For more information on the HairPro Laser Hair Brush, please click HERE


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