Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Detox: Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa

Looking for a way to naturally detox your body this summer? The Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa  rebalances the body by aligning both positive and negative ions. Although our bodies detoxify naturally everyday, we lead such busy lives that it makes it difficult for our bodies to eliminate toxins completely. If these toxins cannot be removed, they simply build up in our systems and our bodies slowly lose the ability to cope, sometimes resulting in illness. The Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa helps rebalance your body and create a feeling of well being.

During our normal day to day activities, our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins which make it harder for the body to detox. From tobacco smoke, alcohol, food additives and pesticides to heavy metals and industrial pollutants, our bodies absorb these toxins and prevent us from functioning our best. Detoxing through your feet with the Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa will help give your body the rebalancing boost it needs. 

You will feel the difference after just a few treatments with the Ionic Detox Foot Spa:

The Viatek Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa Kit Includes:
  • Ionic Energizer Foot Bowl
  • Array Coils
  • Salt
  • Blue Storage Bag
  • Control Unit
  • Power Adapter

Ionic Energizer Detox Foot Spa | Detox Machines

For more information on the Ionic Energizer Foot Spa, please click HERE


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