Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do you have an interesting product idea?

Betsy Kaufman developed her idea as she stood over her stove one morning. The result? A product that is on track to becoming one of the best DRTV products of the year. Eggies, which can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond is now a mega-selling infomercial product.

Brad and Melinda Shepard, a pair of resourceful young parents developed a prototype for a snack bowl that could swivel, dip, and oscillate to withstand the quick movements of a messy toddler. The Gyro Bowl has since sold over 1 million unites and is now an infomercial best-seller and an international sensation.

Ever dream about having a product featured on NPR? Or featured in a magazine? Michael Diep, the inventor of the Emery Cat, did just that. After featuring his homemade prototype on Everyday Edisons, the Emery Cat soon became a stylish, multi-functional pet product that has since sold over a million units in stores such as Walgreens, Target, PetSmart, and WalMart.

With that being said, I have to ask: Are you sitting on an idea that could be the next bestselling product either on TV or store shelves? 

If so, please consider submitting your idea to Viatek Consumer Products Group. We can help take your idea to the next level by using our extensive team of experts in product development, marketing, and distribution to turn your innovative idea into a reality.

Interested candidates, please fill out our online submission form! 

Accepting Product Ideas in the following categories:

Housewares, Automotive, Marine, Sports, Tools, Pets, Beauty Aides, Health & Exercise, Kitchen Items, Electronics, Cosmetics, Hunting & Fishing, Novelties 


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