Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Road Trip Essentials: Mighty Jump Avenger

You can't put a price on safety and security! The Mighty Jump Avenger is the new and improved version of the Mighty Jump and is a must-have for summer road trips. This product allows you to jump virtually any vehicle without leaving the drivers seat and features a 50% higher output than the original Mighty Jump. It takes only 10 minutes to recharge your car through its cigarette lighter and within 40 minutes of driving time, the battery will be restored. 

Mighty Jump Avenger | Emergency Car Jump Starter

Mighty Jump Avenger Features:

  • 5 LED lights in a row show charge going into vehicle from Mighty Jump and charge coming from vehicle into Mighty Jump
  • Small enough to store almost anywhere
  • No more confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from another car
  • Charges car battery when adapter is plugged into a standard car cigarette lighter 
  • Takes only 10 minutes to charge a car battery enough to start the engine. 
  • Multiple uses, rechargeable. 

For more information on the Mighty Jump Avenger, please visit: 


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