Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Products: Portable Digital Wireless DOT Matrix Fish Finder

This fish finder can used in one of the following ways:

With Rod and Line/Roach Pole. The sensor has two holes built in the base which enables you to thread your line through securely. Once connected, the sensor is cast into the water, where it will instantly scan the area below and send updates to the hand held unit. Within seconds you will know the depth, temperature, fishing environment and if there are any fish.


  • Detects both fish location and depth in both fresh and salt water.
  • Can be used as a fish finder and depth sounder
  • Built-in Water Temperature Sensor in wireless sonar sensor
  • Display water temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Display Fish Icon and Live-Update Water Bottom Contour (grass, sand, and rock) in the sea
  • Detects and displays big and small fish or groups of big and small fish
  • Can resist the interference from grass when used in a lake. 
  • Adjustable chart speed, sensitivity level setting and depth range setting 
  • Adjustable Sonar sensitivity setting
  • Audible fish and depth alarm 
  • Zoom at specified depth 
  • Battery strength indicator and on/off LED backlight
  • Built-in memory stores sonar setting 
  • Sensor automatically switches off when not in water
  • 90-degree beam angle
  • Fully waterproof design; floats
  • Signal Strength Indicator 
  • Designed for both amateurs and professionals
  • Can be used in ocean, river, or lake and is fantastic for detecting fish or schools of fish in a particular areas. 
For more information on this product please click HERE


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