Monday, July 1, 2013

New Products Coming Soon!

Product Description:
  • Display type: 5" 16 levels grayscale V320xH480 with white LED blacklight
  • Depth reading from 2.0 to 1500 in 1/10th precision
  • Bottom contour and water temperature  indicator
  • 100-level sensitivity setting and multi levels depth range
  • Auto zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom
  • Stop chart at any time
  • User selectable feet or meter reading
  • Big/small fish identification and fish depth indicator
  • User selectable sonar chart mode. 
  • Multi-language menu (English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Greek and Danish
  • 200 KHz/83 KHz dual beam sonar frequency 
  • Input power: DC 10 to 18V 
  • Mountable

  • Polarized LCD display for depth and units of measure
  • Depth reading from 2.0 to 600 ft. in 1/10 precision
  • User selectable feet or metering reading. 
  • Depth alarm 3-200 ft. 
  • IPX4 water resistant design
  • 200 KHz sonar frequency 
  • Input power: DC 12V Power
  • 800 watts peak to peak, 100 watts RMS power

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