Thursday, July 11, 2013

Viatek to Unveil New Audio Web Conferencing Service: StartMeeting

The Latest in Standard, Audio, and Web Conferencing 

Viatek Consumer Products Group is pleased to announce the launch of StartMeeting, a combined desktop sharing and integrated audio conferencing service that includes a suite of professional tools to enhance screen sharing and standard conferencing. With StartMeeting's integrated audio conferencing features, each account provides toll-free dial-in numbers that are accessible via fixed, mobile, and high-definition (HD) VoIP telephones. This unique feature may be utilized with or without the online screen sharing option.

StartMeeting is also designed with an industry-first: Customizable Meeting Walls. Customizable Meeting Walls allows the host to customize a personal meeting wall to use his or her online meetings. With this page, the host is able to upload pictures, documents, and links to share with meeting participants. In addition, StartMeeting Customizable Meeting Walls allow the host to update each meeting with a title and description, invite participants, provide a schedule for future meetings, set preferences, and access dial-in credentials.

Lastly, StartMeeting supports message retention by utilizing the Integrated Screen Sharing Feature. This allows the host to share the entire desktop or selected applications with their meeting participants. What's more, screen sharing allows host to switch presenter, view a list of participants, chat with his/her audience, and highlight content with a variety of drawing tools.

Standard conferencing and team collaboration has never been so easy or convenient with the unique integrative features of StartMeeting. Available on a month to month basis, say goodbye to long-term, expensive contracts and hello to the innovative and affordable sharing capabilities of StartMeeting.

For more information on StartMeeting, please visit our website HERE


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