Monday, July 29, 2013

Save 20% on Back to School Electronics

Save 20% on all Back to School Electronics from Viatek Consumer Products Group with Coupon Code: 

Zmart Remote
Perfect App for Busy Lifestyles

With the Zmart Remote, you never have to see a remote control again! This powerful universal remote controls everything in the home including CD Players, TVs, DVD Players, Blu-rays, stereo equipment, projectors, even the coffee maker. 

Zmart Remote | Universal Remotes

Renu-it Pro Battery Regenerator 
Save money & reduce waste

Get more out of your batteries with the patented Renu-it Pro Battery Regenerator. This fantastic device not only regenerates dead alkaline batteries, it recharges several common rechargeable batteries as well, helping you save money and reduce waste. 

Renu-it Pro Battery Charger | Battery Chargers

Zmart Switch 
Home automation at your fingertips 

Control any switch from almost anywhere in the room! The Zmart Switch operates using infrared light, the same as most television remote controls-simply point and press! The remote control allows you to control lights from your bed, armchair, desk, etc. 

Zmart Switch | Wall Switches

Use Coupon Code: "BACK2SCHOOL" for 20% off! 


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