Monday, July 1, 2013

Stay Cool This Summer: Personal Bladeless Fans

Stay cool with the Viatek Handheld Bladeless Fan. Take it to your favorite sporting event, to the beach, the park, and even to the office. Sleek and stylish, it features the latest in bladeless fan technology, delivering a cool, smooth stream of air without the unpleasant buffeting sound associated with fan blades. Give yourself peace of mind knowing it's kid-friendly and safe for use around pets. No blades to catch tiny fingers or wagging tails! Completely cordless, it runs on just 3 AA batteries and uses only half the energy of a conventional fan.

Additional Features & Benefits
  • Handheld personal fan 
  • Creates a cool breeze
  • Ultra portable and lightweight
  • Handstrap for easy use and transport
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Dimensions 8"x3"x2" 
Handheld Personal Bladeless Fan | Bladeless Fans

Available in a variety of colors including blue, pink, purple, silver

Stay cool in the office:

The Bladeless Tabletop Fan can be powered either by battery or USB connection. To use USB powers, simply plug the included cord into the side of the fan. You may plug the USB end of the cord into a desktop computer, laptop, or any other USB outlet to power the fan. The Bladeless Tabletop fan also has an adjustable angle back that can be used to direct the breeze. 

The cooling sponge can be used to activate the Tabletop Bladeless Fan's cool breeze feature. Simply dampen the sponge with water and freeze in a shape that fits the fan properly. Once the sponge is frozen, place it in the back of the fan. You may also apply fragrance to the cooling sponge to act as an air freshener, but it is recommended that a modest amount of fragrance is used the first time so that you can better gauge how strong you would like the scent in the future. 

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