Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Laser Landscape Lights: Syncing Remote & FAQ

Having difficulty syncing your remote to your Laser Landscape Lights? Please review the following:

DO NOT PLUG IN LASER UNIT UNTIL PROMPTED IN THE STEPS BELOW. If you already have, unplug it now and follow the steps below in order.
First, install the included 23A battery in the remote. To test the remote’s battery connection, press any button and the LED will illuminate for 1 second. If the LED does not illuminate, check to make sure you have installed battery according to the correct polarity.

Syncing the Remote: With your remote ready (battery installed) and making sure you are within range of the laser, plug in laser power supply adapter to power source. Within 5 seconds of plugging laser in, press the ON/OFF button on your remote to sync it with the laser.Occasionally, re-syncing the remote with the laser may be necessary. To re-sync, remove the battery from the remote. Unplug the laser unit from the power source for 1 minute then repeat “Syncing the Remote” steps above​.

ATTENTION: Please install remote battery before plugging in the laser. Remote's ON/OFF button must be pressed within 5 seconds of plugging unit in for the first time to operate properly.

For more information or more FAQ, please visit: or contact our Customer Service Team at 1-888-7VIATEK or email


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