Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Products Coming Soon: BodiPro 3-in-One Personal Care

Traveling this summer? Want to eliminate the amount of stuff you pack? Why bring a razor and other personal care products when you can have three tools in one? BODIPRO gives you professional at-home grooming. The epilator's dual-textured rotary heads exfoliate and polish simultaneously. Easy to use with its built-in rechargeable battery, BodiPro gently removes callused skin from your feet, leaving them looking and feeling softer than ever (perfect for those new strappy sandals!) Use it safely on toes, heels, sides, and balls of the feet. It also comes with a razor and an epilator attachment for easy hair removal, helping keep your skin smooth and even more beautiful than ever. The easy to clean heads are detachable and washable, giving you consistently great results with every use! 

For more information, please visit: www.viatekproducts.com


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