Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ten Tips to Help You Prepare for a Road Trip

The end of summer is near and the kids will be heading to school soon enough. But if you are planning one last road trip with the family here are ten tips that will help you stay safe on the road. 

1. Plan your route well in advance and obtain necessary maps, or use a GPS system for your vehicle. 

It's probably not the best idea to hop in the car without any sort of plan. Especially when you are traveling in unknown areas. If you have AAA, they offer "Trip Picks", which include maps, a travel book, and your highlighted route. If you don't have AAA, but are traveling with someone who does, you can ask them to obtain this information for you. For any long trips you plan on taking, a GPS is probably your best bet.

2. Prepare your vehicle for the trip
It is important to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the trip. Make sure you check fluid levels, change the oil, and check tire pressure. Emergency equipment such as jumper cables and flares are especially important to keep handy in the back of your vehicle.

We suggest: Mighty Jump Emergency Jump Starter:
The Mighty Jump is an emergency jump-starter that allows you to jump-start a vehicle without leaving the driver's seat. When the Mighty Jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter, it transfers power from itself to the car battery using the internal wiring of the vehicle.

Mighty Jump | Mighty Jump on HSN

Additional Features of the Mighty Jump

  • Small enough to store almost anywhere
  • No more confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from an other car
  • Charges car battery when adapter is plugged into a standard car cigarette lighter
  • Takes only ten minutes to charge a car battery enough to start the engine.
  • Multiple uses 
3. Plan carefully what  you will take with you
How many people are going with you? How much space do you have in your vehicle? These are important questions to ask yourself! You don't want to be crammed and uncomfortable throughout the duration of your trip. 

4. Plan your stops along the way:
While you can't control everything about your trip, especially unexpected restroom stops, it is a good idea to plan for food, drink, and restroom breaks. Breaks to visit certain destinations are also encouraged! Don't forget to have fun! 

5. Have a passenger confirm hotel reservations or other lodging plans as you are traveling:
Nothing is worse than arriving at a hotel and discovering a problem with your room especially if you are tired and in need of desperate sleep! It is also good to have at least one other adult passenger so if need be, they can go ahead and make hotel reservations, or navigate if you become lost. 

6. Provide people who are staying at home with your itinerary and ensure that they have your cell phone number.
God forbid something happens on the road, make sure that at least one person knows your itinerary and destination. Make sure to carry your cell phone and bring a cell phone charger that can be plugged into your car should you have an emergency. 

7. Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, especially if you are traveling with small children. 
Save time and money by bringing a small cooler with refreshments and snacks. 

8. Clean out the vehicle each evening once you arrive at your hotel or destination. 
Take a few moments each night to clean out your car. Over the course of the day you might have accumulated snack wrappers, empty drink bottles, or fast food bags. 

9. Use your traveling time to confirm your itinerary and play games.
Play games to cure those inevitable boredom blues. 

10. Take turns driving. 
This is another reason why it is important to bring another adult with you. Long periods of driving can become tiresome! Change it up! 


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