Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coming Soon: Zmart Remote Pro

Zmart Remote PRO | Universal Remotes

Zmart Remote PRO
*This products expected release date is October 21, 2013

By itself, your smart phone does not have the ability to send out infrared signals used to control TV's, DVDs and other home theater equipment. Zmart Remote PRO fills that gap. It connects to your phone via the headphone jack, so Zmart Remote PRO is completely portable-plug in your Zmart Remote PRO and you are ready to go.


  • Plug the Zmart Remote PRO into the earpiece jack your smart phone. 
  • Download out app "Zmart Remote PRO" from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store (It's FREE!) 
  • Enter the activation code which can be found inside your package to activate your Zmart Remote PRO. 
  • Learn-in feature from your existing remote control allows even obscure or outdated devices to be controlled. 
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery included
  • Range: up to 30 feet (10 m)
  • Controls devices with infrared capabilities
  • Controls your devices such as TV, DVD, VCR, Home Theater, Blu-ray, Cable Boxes, Satellite Boxes, Receivers, etc., using your iPhone (android coming soon)
  • Compatible with Zmart Switch (the instant "two way" switch). 
  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Pro version addresses issues reported by customers through Zmart Remote Support and includes an improved database to help find your existing remote. 
Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as well as selected Android smart phones, Zmart Remote interacts with your gear from up to 30 feet away. 
Zmart Remote PRO is made for home or travel. Zmart Remote PRO plugs into your phone's headphone jack leaving the charger connector open. 
Get the advanced features at a fraction of the price of other advanced remotes. Bundled with an extensive IR code database at no additional cost. 

For more information on the Zmart Remote PRO, click HERE


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