Thursday, August 29, 2013

Customer Pick on HSN: MicroKLen Extend & Reach KLeNing Kit

In cased you missed it, our latest cleaning system, the MicroKLeN Extend and Reach KLeNing Kit is now a "Customer Pick" on HSN! Not only has this affordable cleaning system become the "go-to" tool for tackling household chores, but has been receiving wonderful reviews! Faster than a dusting bunny, this time saving device is able to clean hard-to-reach places with one single swipe. Fully equipped with multiple dusting extras, the MicroKLen Extend and Reach KLeNing Kit fights the never-ending battle against dirt, dust, and grime!

Leave a clean, polished surface with this combination duster. Perfect for most surfaces in the home, garage, car, office, or RV, you can use the MicroKLeN Extend and Reach KLeNing Kit either wet or dry. Environmentally friendly, this innovative cleaning kit does not require cleaning fluids, chemicals, disposable pads or paper.

Microklen Extend and Reach Klening Kit | Cleaning Kits

What you get:

  • Extend and Reach KleNing Kit
  • Duster extension pole
  • Duster head
  • Duster mop head
  • Flat mop head
  • Dusting wand
  • Extending mop handle
  • Extending mop base
  • Manufacturers 1-year limited warranty. 


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