Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring/Summer Launch: 5 New Products from Viatek Consumer Products Group

Check out some of the latest products from Viatek: (Coming Soon!)

Cozy Cup: Cozy cups is like a portable electric blanket for your favorite store-bought hot beverage! Just slip your cup in, hit the button, and you're ready to go! The sleeve begins heating in seconds and keeps warming for over an hour, so feel free to savor your hot beverage as long as you like. The flexible shell with elastic band ensures a perfect fit regardless of the cup size. 
Grab-It Universal Mount:
Use the Grab-it! to mount your smartphone, GPS, tablet or other device to your windshield, dashboard, desktop, countertop and many other smooth surfaces. 

Gumdrops Nightlight & Flashlight
This 2-in-1 nightlight/flashlight provides illumination without harsh brightness. Great for children's rooms, the elderly, and pets!  

The Foldable Broom & Dustpan! This full-size broom and dustpan fold down to a single compact unit. 

Pocket Mighty Jump:
This portable Mighty Jump is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and has the ability to jump virtually any vehicle from the driver's seat through the cigarette lighter outlet. 

For more information on Viatek products, please visit:


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