Friday, September 20, 2013

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Outdoor Gear/For the Home 

Don't find yourself in the dark during an emergency. Banish shadows with a few minutes cranking of the handle. It's perfect for home, car, boat, or campground and features versatile search light and lantern settings. 

Use at home, car, boat, or campground
One minute of cranking yields 30 minutes of light
No power source is needed
Use as a tabletop light or hanging lantern
Use as a search light
Encased in plastic and rubber material for reliable use even in inclement weather. 

Portable Search Lights | Camping Essentials

Beauty & Personal Care

Viatek's SonicPulse Toothbrushes use sonic vibrations to clean teeth gently and completely. 

This SonicPulse toothbrush has two speeds; a gentle speed for sensitive areas of the mouth, and a full speed at 36,000 sonic vibrations per minute for a complete mouth cleaning. 

Sonic Pulse Toothbrush | Tooth Brush

Cleaning Products

MicroKLen Microfiber Mops lift and trap dirt and moisture, leaving a clean, dry, polished surface. They are safe to use on all surfaces around the home, office, car, RV, motorcycle, aircraft, or boat. The mops require little to no water, reducing waste and benefiting the environment. In addition, MicroKLeN Microfiber Mops are especially adept at cleaning without the use of chemicals. Use them dry, and they will work like magic without scratching, linting, or streaking any surface. Use them wet and they will absorb 7 to 8 times their own weight in water. 

Microklen Clean Kit | Cleaning Kits


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