Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New & Exciting Products: Smart Touch Can Opener

The must-have kitchen gadget for the holidays:
Smart Touch Can Opener
*This products expected release date is November 1, 2013

Smart Touch Can Opener | Can Openers

Smart Touch is the easiest way to open a can, bottle and jar without any mess. Just place on the can, touch the button and away it goes! Manual can opener require twisting and turning, and are almost impossible for people with arthritis and joint pain. With the Smart Touch, twist off even the toughest bottle caps effortlessly, plus the unique handle design gives you all the leverage you'll need. 

Smart Touch opens cans of all sizes and shapes without leaving sharp edges like ordinary can openers. The uniquely design blade clamps down on the lid from the side, leaving behind a smooth, dull surface. And with its strong magnetic contact point, the lid never fall into the can. 

Smart Touch fits easily in any drawer, saving counter space. Plus, its easy to clean with its detachable, dishwasher safe blade. 

For more information on the Smart Touch Can Opener, click here


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