Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maintain a Healthy Glow Without Harmful UV Rays!

Say goodbye to tan lines, sunburns,  harmful UV rays and fake dyes that simply wash off. A gorgeous streak-fee tan can be achieved all year round with the IBOD Airbrush Tanning System. Equipped with an Even-Tan Guidance Light, the IBOD Tanning System makes it easier than ever to achieve a natural glow in the comfort of the home. Operated by four 'AA' batteries, the IBOD evenly applies a fine mist that dries quickly and lasts up to 7-10 days. The liquid solution included with the system lasts 3-4 months; about 16 applications. 

Additional Features and Information: 

Even Airbrush Tan LED Guide Light
The Even Airbrush Tan Guide Light makes it easier to get a streak free tan. 

Perfect Distance: Light will shine on skin but is not defined. The perfect distance is 4-5 inches from the skin. With the proper distance you see where the tanning solution is being applied. 

Too Close: Light will make defined ring on skin when you begin to apply solution closer than 4-5 inches from the skin. 

Too far: No light will appear on the skin if you are greater than 4-5 inches from the skin.

IBOD Airbrush Tanning System | Sunless Tanning Machines


Does the tanning liquid smell?
There is no smell after it dries on your skin

Does the tanning solution stain clothing?

How long will the 8 oz. bottle last? 
About 16 applications

How long will the tan last on the skin?
Up to 7-10 days

Where do I get the tanning solution after I used the supplied solution?
You can purchase it from Viatek Products, or you can purchase any liquid tanning solution; our device will work with other companies liquid tanner. 

How long should I wait before taking a shower?
For max results, we recommend you wait 5-6 hours before showering from the DHA to fully absorb.

For more information on the IBOD, please visit our website! 


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