Friday, May 15, 2015


Don't miss the exclusive debut of the new Calypso RX on Evine Live May 18 and 19th! 

Calypso RX

The first of its kind, the Calypso RX relieves pain by combining advanced electrical stimulation therapy with wearable, FDA-cleared class II medical technology. Calypso RX is the only device to generate gentle, dual action pulsed direct current (DC) to disrupt the pain-spasm signals the human body sends to the brain.

Calypso Rx's pulsed DC penetrates deep into muscle and tissue, improving circulation at the source of the pain, to boost the body’s natural healing and recovery processes. It's industry exclusive 8-hour nighttime treatment program works while you sleep, and no other device on the market provides the dual benefits of Calypso RX.

Calypso Rx is perfect for relieving back, knee, leg and elbow pain, and a host of other aches, soreness, and strains. Both professional and amateur athletes have found it effective in helping to heal the body between workouts, while senior individuals enjoy the relief from muscle and joint pains.

Features of Calypso:
  • Penetrates deep to the site of pain or origin of pain and has been shown to enhance the body's ability to heal itself.
  • Pulse is undetectable to the user, ideal for use in sleep mode.
  • Delivers 40 levels of pain relief
  • Provides you with Professional Grade Equipment and TENS therapeutic technology to ease your pain-without a prescription. 
  • Gel Pads last up to 15 treatments. 
For more information on the Calypso RX, please click here & watch on Evine May 18-19!


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