Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

Are you tired of dragging out piles of boxes from storage, knowing it will take entirely too much of your valuable time - just to decorate for Christmas?
Keep it simple!
There are several ways to change it up without breaking the budget and can be done easily in a short afternoon.
Craft stores sell evergreen and pine cones in bulk. A combination of greenery with a few strategically placed pinecones can be dispersed throughout your home, on walls, tables and window panes. If you want to fancy it up a bit, entwine some lengths of red ribbon, or simply place a few red ornaments among the boughs.
Candles do wonders for creating the warmth and inviting aspects to your holiday ambiance. Tea lights are an easy and attractive way to add to your décor, easily and inexpensively. They don't even require a container. Plain tea lights placed around your home gives your rooms an extra little twinkle that really makes a difference.

Who says you have to use your grandmother's collection of precious, fragile ornaments every year? Try a year with just white lights and red balls - simple, elegant, beautiful. And when you decide to get out the vintage ornaments, it will be that much more special.


Leave the ladder in the garage and don’t worry with the inevitable process of untangling wads of tangled light strands. Spend 10 minutes placing these Night Stars in your yard to illuminate the front of your home with red, green and white sparkles of light.



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