Friday, April 18, 2014

Become a Viatek Dealer

Are you interested in becoming a Viatek dealer? If so, please follow the link listed below and send us a quick email!

About Viatek:

Viatek Consumer Products Group is a global company that develops, manufactures and distributes innovative products. Our cross-functional team possesses unparalleled talent from product design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing. We bring the total innovation solution retailers require.

Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc and affiliate companies have been developing products since 1992. The group maintains offices in USA, Hong Kong/Shenzhen China, Mexico and the UK. Our complete catalog list can be found at and select retailers worldwide.

Viatek manages many key brands that are found in retailers and tv shopping throughout the world. 

Have a bright idea?
We all have ideas. Whether they are conceived in our board room or brought to us by an inventor, we are continually dreaming of developing the next great product! 

Submit your product ideas here


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