Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recently Added: New Kitchen Innovations for the Holidays!

As the holidays approach are your prepared for the mess that can ensue in your kitchen or refrigerator? With the new Fridge Mate Universal Refrigerator Shelf, you can organize the overflow of leftovers and turkey! Just sit the Fridge Mate into your existing refrigerator and it's ready to use! It removes easily and is dishwasher safe for quick clean-up! 

Additional Features:
  • Installs easily into any refrigerator
  • Rubber molding on both shelves for an anti-slip surface
  • Adds more shelf space to your refrigerator 
  • Keeps your refrigerator shelves neat and organized
  • Shelves are easily adjustable to four different heights
  • Keeps food nice and cold

Also, with the holidays approaching, I am sure you will be entertaining guests with spirits and cocktails. Serve in style with Orbie Ice Molds

Orbie Ice Molds allow you to create perfect orbs of ice! Orbie Ice Molds have less surface area than regular ice cubes, reducing the amount of beverages that are diluted. You can also freeze all types of liquids and other solid ingredients into the ice orbs, creating a beautiful, flavorful sphere of ice. These elegant ice orbs are not only perfect for impressive party drinks, but for everyday use as well!

Orbie Silicone Ice Molds | Ice Molds


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