Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holiday Preview: Exciting New Viatek Products to Launch on HSN

No need to brave hectic crowds this holiday season. Shop from the comfort of home and impress everyone on your list with the must-have gadgets for him, her, kids, and everyone in between!  Available exclusively on HSN.com and HSN

For Those in Cooler Climates: Car Seat Warmer

According to the Farmer's Almanac, it's going to be a cold and snowy winter (more so than usual). Combat the shivers with this innovative car seat warmer that features adjustable settings to keep you warm on those unbearably cool mornings.

Car Seat Warmer | Car Seat Warmers

For the Music Lover: No wires. No Bluetooth. No programming. Deluxe Touch Play 

Don't you hate when you hear your favorite song on your Smartphone but can't seem to get the volume as loud as you would like? Then the Deluxe Touch Play is for you! The Deluxe Touch Play Induction Speaker with Alarm Clock magically amplifies the sound from Smartphones. There's no configuration needed! Simply place your smartphone on top of the Touch Play speaker to amplify your music across an entire room.

Touch Play Induction Speaker | Induction Speakers

Perfect for Anyone on Your list: The New & Improved Renu-it Deluxe, WITH FREE SHIPPING, exclusively on HSN.com

The ultimate charging docking station, the new Renu-it Deluxe not only regenerates alkaline batteries but is now designed with a dock that supports Smartphones up to 3.3" wide. Additionally, the Renu-it Deluxe has 6 slots that charge D, C, A, AA, AAA, and 2 9-volt batteries.


  • Regenerates or recharges alkaline, NiMH, or NiCd batteries
  • USB connection to charge any cell phone
  • Battery protection- charger protects against over-charge, overheat, short-circuit and polarity reversal issues. 
  • Automatically recognizes type of batteries; no need to change settings manually. 
  • Automatic power off after 24 hours of charging 
  • Plugs into a household wall outlet. 

Beautiful Innovation: LED Blow Lamps 
Illuminate Blow Lamps with just a wisp of air. Battery operated, the glow from the LED light pulses, mimicking the appearance of a flame. Simply turn the knob at the base of the chimney to adjust the brightness of the light, just like a real oil lamp! To turn the lamp off or on, simply blow into the top of the lamp.


  • Ultra-bright LEDs
  • No fumbling for on/off switch in the dark
  • Great for tabletop use and camping trips alike
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable brightness 
  • The look of a hurricane lamp without soot, mess, or danger of an open flame! 
  • Available in a 4 beautiful colors (Black, Green, Blue, Red)
LED Blow Lamp | Lanterns

For more information on new products from Viatek please visit www.viatekproducts.com


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