Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Night Stars Celebration Series: Inserting Your Slides

Thank you for your purchase of Night Stars Celebration Series, we sincerely appreciate your business! We have received a few phone calls this morning requesting instruction on how to insert the Night Stars Celebration Series Slides. If you need a little assistance, instructions are below:

Installing Slides:

1.Remove the two screws in the light casing and remove the slide frame. One slide comes pre-loaded in the frame. In order to install a different slide, locate the arrow on the slide frame. With that side facing you, remove the pre-loaded slide by gently pushing on both sides at the center. Be careful to avoid touching the slide images.

2. To load a new slide, turn the slide frame over. Next, with the slide frame oriented to figure 4 (below), insert the left edge of the slide into the track on the frame. The nub on the frame will fit into the hole in the slide.

Holding the right side of the slide with your right thumb, apply strong pressure to the back center of the slide with index finger. Force the slide to bend slightly with strong finger pressure. The slide will bow slightly and slip into the track. See figure 5 (below). Be careful to avoid touching the slide images.

3. Reinsert the slide frame into the projection light casing, being careful to orient the slide frame correctly with the arrow on the frame facing the front of the projection light (see figure 2)

Replace the screws.
Note: If you notice that the images seem to be moving backward after you turn the projection light on,you may have installed the slide frame backward. If this is the case, remove the frame, turn it around, and reinstall it.

If you still happen to need assistance, please contact or call 1-888-7VIATEK. 


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