Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't Miss These Top Picks on HSN: Renu-it Power 'n' Go, Touch Play, AND MORE!

The holidays are RIGHT around the corner! If you are somewhat of a procrastinator, (like myself), look no further than HSN! With guaranteed shipping before Christmas, these innovative items can land on your doorstep without having to battle any traffic or ( overly caffeinated) holiday crowds. 

Dead batteries? Dead cell phone? No need to stress with the innovative Renu-it Power 'n' Go Phone and Battery Charger! This versatile charger brings batteries back to life and charges your phone when you need it most. This "positively electrifying" device is the perfect stocking stuffer and comes in a variety of colors including Pearl, Blue, Silver, Red, and Black. The Renu-it Power 'n' Go also pairs perfectly with the all new Renu-it Deluxe Home Battery Charger! 

Renu-it Power N Go | Battery Regenerators

Holiday party a drag? Need a little music to lighten the mood? The Touch Play Induction Speaker with Alarm Clock magically amplifies the sound of your Smartphone so you will be "rockin' around the Christmas tree" in no time. Just place your device on the TouchPlay and enjoy. 
Touch Play Induction Speaker | Induction Speakers

For the hard-to-shop-for men in your life, the ONEGRIP Universal Wrench is the perfect solution! Stop digging though drawers and tool boxes looking for the right size wrench! The ONEGRIP Universal Wrench adjusts automatically and works with all systems of measurement! Tighten and loosen round, hexagonal and even square nuts and bolts with a single-handed movement. 
One Grip Wrench | Wrench

God forbid terrible weather hits this holiday season. But if it does, be prepared with the all new Hand-Crank Searchlight Lanterns with USB Charger. With the Dynamo, you never have to worry about having a flashlight that does not work. With a built-in rechargeable battery, a few minutes cranking of the handle can illuminate your path. 

Dynamo Crank Lantern | Search Lanterns

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